A Candle Of The Storm Bugged Quest: Bribe Hermann And Leak Information To Ashe To Find Out About Assassination

    Bribery is the key to this quest.

    A Candle In The Storm Bugged
    A Candle in the Storm in Dragon's Dogma 2 has been bugged with multiple issues being faced, with map marker and NPCs disappearance.


    • The bug seems to appearing in a confusing manner with different issues being thrown off to different players.
    • Bribe Hermann and meet Ser Menella to gain more information to leak to Ashe.
    • The bug shows no map markers and NPCs disppreance has caused a lot of stir across different platforms.

    A candle in the storm, one of the longest and most exhausting quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is bugged.

    Menella, a beastren who leads the guard of the Lambent Flame and the empress seems to be disappearing from the game.

    The bug has caused a major stir as many parts of the quest have been bugged including the map marker disappearance.

    A Candle Of The Storm: Exploring Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Mysterious Quest

    After the assassination of Empress Nadinia, you have to make your way to catching the mastermind behind the cruelty.

    Moreover, by discovering the mastermind’s use of Coral Snakes, you can bait and lure them out effectively

    However, the quest has multiple outcomes, it depends solely on your decisions and how you choose to complete the quest.

    A Candle In The Storm Quest Info
    The quest begins after the completion of Shadow Prayers and talking to Ser Menella. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

    Some outcomes of the quest are:

    • Supported the Empress’s Proposal
    • Opposed the Empress’s Proposal
    • Supported the Empress’s Proposal and Attacked the Mastermind

    A Candle Of The Storm: Understanding The Bugs Impacting The Quest

    The bug has been appearing in different parts of the quest for distinct players, confusing the developers.

    Bug 1: Attacking Disabled

    Some players complain about not being able to attack the lady when the queen says to attack her.

    Even upon reloading the last saved game, players seem to be unable to interact with both the queen and the lady.

    Bug 2: NPCs Disappearance

    Menella and the empress aren’t there at the Pilgirm’s Path Empty Abode where they are supposed to be.

    No cutscene shows up, and resting or reloading the last saved game also doesn’t do the trick.

    Moreover, even upon checking the morgue, both the NPCs weren’t there, meaning they were not dead but rather lost in the game.

    Bug 3: Empty Pockets

    The prisoner who is supposed to leak out the information behind the mastermind doesn’t speak a word.

    Although paying the amount of 5000, there seems to be no marker on the map.

    Moreover, upon meeting Menella in Volcanic Island Camp, she only asks to flush out the betrayer at all costs and the quest seems to be at a halt.

    A Candle in the Storm: Resolving Dragon’s Dogma 2 Quest Issue

    Following the guide below to complete the quest could be a possible fix as it has been tested before:

    Speak With The Goaled Brigand

    The quest unlocks by finishing Shadowed Prayers and then speaking to Menella and the Volcanic Island Camp near the hot springs.

    Bribing Hermann
    Upon the conversation with Hermann, give him 5000 G to collect information. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

    You will then need to head back to Bakbattahl and go to the Gaol and into the cells where the Hermann is.

    Moreover, you will have to bribe Herman with 5000 Gold to find out that he was enlisted by the Coral Snakes.

    Delivering Information

    You will then need to go back to Volcanic Island Camp to talk to Meneela.

    She will then give you some information to leak to Ashe, the other prisoner in the gaol of Bakbattahl.

    Complete The Quest

    You will need to talk to Ashe, in the gaol, if you do not find him the jail, do not worry, he will be in the tavern.

    Moreover, you will need to report back to Ser Menella and leak information to the Coral Snakes.

    Again, you will have to report back to Menella, although this time, there’s no need for long travel as Mennella will make her way to Bakbattahl.


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