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AR-23P Liberator Penetrator Offers Multiple Fire Mode With Scope Advantage In Helldivers 2

Upgrade your inventory with Liberator Penetrator.


  • AR-23P Liberator Penetrator is the upgraded version of AR-23 Liberator.
  • The Assault Rifle costs forty medals in Helldivers Mobilize Warbond.
  • Liberator Penetrator has two fire modes: Semi Automatic and Burst.

The Liberator Penetrator is the S-Tier weapon with exceptional battlefield effectiveness and versatility in Helldivers 2.

It allows players to engage and defeat medium-armoured targets in combat situations effectively.

Moreover, the weapon contributes significantly to players’ success in the game’s challenging missions and encounters.

Liberator In Helldivers 2: AR With High RPM And Mag

In Helldivers 2, the Liberator serves as a versatile default weapon, offering balanced performance across various combat situations.

This SEAF standard assault rifle is characterized by its average stats, balancing power, and fire rate.

However, it is effective against most smallest targets encountered in the game.

An standard assault riffle which can kill armored enemies in a single magazine
A standard assault rifle that can kill armored enemies in a single magazine

Its balanced performance allows even novice players to be effective without needing to unlock additional weapons.

Unfortunately, it can only pierce light armor, so players must find another way to deal with heavy infantry and bugs.

Hence, its limitation lies in its inability to penetrate heavy armor but it boasts a damage rating of 55.

It has a capacity of 45 rounds, the number of shots that can be fired before needing to reload.

Similarly, the Penetrator features a fire rate of 640 rounds per minute.

Players must employ alternative strategies when facing heavily armoured foes and large bugs.

The Liberator has Explosive and Penetrator variants locked inside the Helldivers Mobilize and Steeled Veteran Warbonds.

The Explosive version can paralyze the enemies at the expense of having less ammo and a slower ROF.

Meanwhile, the Penetrator trades off ammo capacity and full-auto firing mode in favor of enhanced armor penetration capabilities.

The aforementioned capacity of the Penetrator allows it to pierce through medium armor.

AR-23P Liberator Penetrator In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, selecting the appropriate weapons is crucial for success, especially when facing formidable enemies and aliens.

Players must choose the best weapons as they decide the battle pace and make them win or lose.

Furthermore, each weapon serves distinct purposes and offers unique advantages in combat.

Liberator Penetrator one of the S-Tier Weapons in Helldivers 2​​
Liberator Penetrator is one of the S-Tier Weapons in Helldivers 2.

Among all the other weapons, a Liberator Penetrator is the assault rifle, one of the Liberator variants with improved armour penetration.

This assault rifle is one of the best primary weapons in Helldivers 2 and has a unique ability to pierce medium armour.

Moreover, Liberator Penetrator gives players decent damage output and accuracy in different battle situations.

Players who prioritize dealing with medium-armoured enemies will find the Penetrator to be reliable.

Liberator Penetrator Unlock Process And Statistics

You can unlock the versatile Rifle through the Helldivers Mobilize Warbond, which costs 40 Medals.

It features moderate damage output, 45, a ammo capacity of 30, manageable recoil, 19, and a immense fire rate of 640.

Players can even get 10 spare magazines with the Liberator Penetrator.

Hence, it would be a powerful weapon choice, contributing significantly to the players’ success on the battlefield.

Use Liberator Penetrator AR To Defeat Long-Range Enemies In Helldivers 2

The Penetrator’s combination of moderate damage, recoil, decent capacity, and rapid-fire rate makes it the best choice in Helldivers 2.

Similarly, here are some other considerable features of the Liberator Penetrator in Helldivers 2:

Easy Recoil Control

It boasts an easy recoil pattern to control, allowing players to maintain accuracy and consistency during sustained firefights.

This feature enables players to effectively manage their shots and maintain precision targeting, even in intense combat situations.

Improved Armor Penetration

This rifle excels in piercing medium armor, making it highly effective against medium-armored targets encountered throughout the game.

It provides players a valuable advantage in combat situations where medium-armored adversaries pose a significant threat.

Adequate Range

The Penetrator boasts a good range, allowing players to engage enemies from a distance without sacrificing firepower or accuracy.

Its clip might be a little lighter but can shoot through almost any armored bug.

This range advantage enables players to maintain adequate engagement distances, providing combat tactics and positioning flexibility.

Hence, these features collectively make the Liberator Penetrator a formidable weapon choice in Helldivers 2.

Scoping Advantage

The Liberator Penetrator is quite a versatile weapon having a relatively low recoil rate than other ARs in the game.

Players can even target long-range enemies up to 150 meters and have other scoping distances, including 25 and 75 meters, respectively.

Two Firing Modes

Liberator Penetrator AR has multiple fire rates to target enemies depending upon the distance: Semi-Automatic and Burst.

If players use the ADS more often or like to play passively, burst should be a better option, as the bullet will not spread.

On the other hand, Semi-auto mode should be an ideal option at close range for penetration of medium and light armor.

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