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Assign Animals To Villagers In Lego Fortnite By Providing Job

No longer worry about feeding and taking care of your animals.


  • Players will need to be Level two at the minimum to acquire animals and tame them in Lego Fortnite.
  • Build a barn and make Animal Treats to lure animals and assign job to villagers to look after them.
  • Five unique villagers have joined in on the Lego Fun with their own unique personalities to take care of the animals.

Farm Friends, a new update in Lego Fortnite, launched on April 23rd, 2024, where you can turn animals into your best friend.

The farm friends and the animals will increase the Village recruitment cap to ten per Village, three for animals, three for villagers, and the rest for either.

Moreover, you can recruit animals to your Village, such as cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs, which are new additions.

Assign Animals To Villagers By Preparing Village And Luring Them In Lego Fortnite

Before you get an animal, shelter, and livestock are the most important things you should consider before you bring it to your Village.

The 29.30 update in Lego Fortnite now permanently allows you to finally make animals part of your Village.

Assign Slots lego fortnite
The 10 new slots in each Village have changed the game completely, now allowing players to act more independently. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, to lure them in, you will need to have a shelter and animal treats ready.

Preparing Your Village: Constructing A Barn

The first thing you need before you lure any animal into your Village is to build an Animal House or a barn.


  • You must be Level Two or above.
  • You will need 10 Planks to construct the barn.

After you have achieved the prerequisites, place the barn down inside your Village where there are fewer attacks of Brutes.

Luring Animals Treats

The house you built is empty; you will surely need an animal to live in the house we just built.

You must cook up Animal Treats to lure the animals back to your Village.

Moreover, you will need five vines and three corn in your grill to cook them, then stock up on animal treats for livestock use.

Furthermore, find an animal that you wish to lure back to the Village with the Animal Treat.

If you win the animal’s trust, the signs will be there—literal signs on top of the animal’s head.

You will have limited time to lure them back to the Village. Any unpleasant encounters or attacks can upset them and make them choose their path.

Brutes attack
Brutes will target your animal first before you. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, you can use a vehicle for quick journeys or a fishing rod to pull them across tight spots.

Naming Your New Animal Companion

Once you have provided a roof over your new companion’s head and fed their hungry stomachs, assign them their barns.

After the journey of luring them back to your Village is complete, interact with the barn you want to set up for that particular animal.

Barn set for Animals Lego Fortnite
After setting up the barn to an animal, they will live happily with you as their guardian. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

A new pop-up will appear asking you to name your animal; you can either name your animal or randomize a name for the animal.

Assign Animals To Villagers In Lego Fortnite By Offering Jobs

After crafting a barn and luring the animals, you can finally assign villagers to look after the animals.

For that, you need to approach any of your Villagers tab the following options;

  • Let’s talk jobs
  • Help the Village
  • Resource jobs
  • Take care of animals
assign animals to villagers

Lego Fortnite’s Latest Update Introduces Five Unique Villagers And Vibrant Animal Variants

The brand new update v29.30 in Lego Fortnite has been a major one for the fans.

The new update includes Five new Villagers:

  • Candence: A master woodworker
  • Ash: Plant enthusiast
  • Brooks: Channels nature’s beat
  • Lana Llana: Bright and Cheerful Engineer
  • Guernsey: Just Guernsey

The update has also brought new animal variants to light, from brown and tan chickens in the Dry Valley to Yellow chickens in the Grassland.

Not to forget, have you noticed? The cows now have different colors and spot patterns as well.

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