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“Aye Aye Captain” And ” Incognito” Quests In Gray Zone Warfare At Tiger Bay Area

Find an area where you can see all of the Harbor.


  • Both the quests “Aye Aye, Captain” and “Incognito” in Gray Zone Warfare stars and ends within The Tiger Bay.
  • The Aye Aye Captain quest is among the complex quests, where you need to locate the usable ships.
  • Retrieving the intel from the mysterious individual house in the west of Tiger Bay Central is the main objective of the Incognito Quest.

The “Aye Aye Captain” Quest in Gray Zone Warfare is available for Crimson Shield International faction players.

Players can interact with Gunny Vendor from their base to start the “Aye Aye, Captain” quest.

Leave No Man Behind, and Guns and Ammos are other quests Gunny Vendor offers in Gray Zone Warfare.

Locate The Usable Ships In The Aye Aye Captain” Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

To start the Gunny Vendor’s “Aye Aye, Captain” quest, you must visit Tiger Bay at the coordinates on the map coordinates (201 130).

This quest might cause difficulty for the players, as it is located around the large sea of Tiger Bay, where they need to hunt down usable ships.

Tiger Bay  Aye Aye Captain Gray Zone warfare
Enter the tiger bay to start the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Apart from the dense sea, you must be careful of the AI enemies as the place surrounds them.

hunt the AI in gray zone warfare
Kill the enemies to head towards the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Thus, carrying enough supplies to hunt down the enemies and approaching the mission is necessary.

Moving on with your mission, you should avoid swimming into the dense sea, as the item you need to search for is located around the land.

usable ships gray zone warfare
Usable ships you need to search. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Therefore, you need to hunt down the Pier, as the usable ship can be found at the end of Tiger Bay’s pier.

After finding the usable ships, you will succeed in the mission ” Aye Aye, Captain” and receive the following rewards,

  • M870
  • $7400
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Gunny Reputation

It is advisable for you to start the “Aye Aye, Captain” Quest with your Squad, as you may face some difficulties while playing solo.

Furthermore, players can begin quests like “Incognito” and “UNLRA” within Tiger Bay.

Find The Mysterious House In “Incognito” Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Similar to the “Aye Aye, Captain” quest, you can start the “Incognito” mission from Tiger Bay on the map coordinate (128 197).

start the mission from tiger bay
Travel to Tiger Bay to start the mission.

In the quest, you must find the house of a mysterious individual located around the west of Tiger Bay Central.

You can recognize the house, with two big black-and-white dustbins outside and big banana trees around its compound.

house in tiger bay
Enter the house with big banana trees.

You should enter the house and hunt down the place to get the intel, which will be the mercenary diary.

Moreover, players will find the intel within the drawer of a table located in one of the rooms to the left of the house’s main entrance.

gray zone warfare incognito
Take the diary to your base.

After reporting the diary back to your base, you will get this mission complete, and receive the following rewards,

  • RPC armor
  • $6500
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Gunny Reputation

Overall, the rewards gained from both quests can be used to develop formidable armor and trade with the vendor.

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