B27 Fortified Commando Armor In Helldivers 2 With Extra Padding Passive And Impressive Stats

Join the battle with enough protection.

Helldivers 2
B-27 armor set is purchasable in the superstore.


  • The Commando Armor set is purchasable for 600 Supercredits from the superstore.
  • Set includes two items: Armor and a Helmet with over 100 armor ratings.
  • Struggles to generate stamina and speed but features extra passive.

The B27 Fortified Commando Armor in Helldivers 2 is a passive set you can purchase in-game.

When you put on the armor set, it looks stunning, and not only that, but its armor rating is also impressively high.

Despite the armor being passive, its additional padding will undoubtedly provide you with extra protection against bullets.

Armors In Helldivers 2: How Do They Work?

Selecting the appropriate Armor in Helldivers 2 can significantly impact your field experience as you battle for Super Earth.

Your chosen body armor not only boosts your mobility and protection but also grants a passive perk, such as extra grenades and a chance to resist death.

In Helldivers 2, there are three types of armor, all with almost the same stats based on their type;

Light Armor

The Light Armor in Helldivers 2 offers immense stamina regen and higher speed during battle, but it struggles even with low hits, making players extremely vulnerable.

light Armor Helldivers 2
Light Armors are fragile but more resilient. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Starting with the Light Armor in the early phase should not be a challenge, but while ranking up, the vest will not be ideal, and it will struggle even against mini-bosses.

Nonetheless, it is ideal for stealthy and agile Helldivers who prefer to avoid confrontation and use long-range weapons.

Medium Armor

When you have medium armor equipped, the damage resistance will be slightly higher than that of light armor; however, you may not generate enough stamina and sprint rate.

However, medium armor still has balanced protection, mobility, and a moderate detection range.

The armor suits versatile and adaptable Helldivers who can handle different situations and use various weapons.

Heavy Armor

The Heavy Armor can overcome battle against tough creatures like Bile Titan, but flexibility and low speed can be an issue for fast-paced enemies.

It is perfect for tanky and resilient Helldivers who can take a lot of damage and use powerful weapons.

You can choose the armor you want to equip, the gun, and everything else in the loadout screen before you start saving Super Earth.

B27 Fortified Commando Armor Set In Helldivers 2

B-27 Fortified Commando Armor set was first featured in the music video “Our love is like liberty (indestructible),” the Summer Anthem of Helldivers.

b27 fortified commando helldivers 2
B-27 Fortified Commando offers impressive stats. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Heavy Armor commando set appears from the Superstore in two pieces, Armor and Helmet, for 400 and 200, respectively, which deliver the following stats;

  • Armor Rating – 138
  • Speed – 463
  • Stamina Regen – 059

The armor’s passive, extra padding, provides a higher armor rating. On the other hand, the helmet offers a 100 rating for all of the stats.

B27 Fortified stats are pretty confusing to most players in the game, as nobody seems to know what it does.

Despite the helmet and cape serving purely as cosmetic items in-game, the armor has a significant impact.

The game stats confirm that the fortified armor reduces recoil by 30% when crouching or prone and even

Additionally, it provides 50% damage resistance to explosives.

Should You Purchase B27 Fortified Commando Armor Set?

The fortified armor shouldn’t be your go-to armor until the game developers fix the issue of it doing nothing.

While it claims to offer a higher armor rating, comparing it to another set of the same type reveals otherwise.

It’s likely a default passive for armor sets when no other is chosen and even the players are questioning the Armor as the extra padding passive does nothing.

extra padding b27 fortified Commando Armor
The Extra Padding feature in B-27 Fortifie ammo does not function as intended. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Nonetheless, the armor’s stats seem pretty balanced for the maximum Helldivers players, suggesting Arrowhead is avoiding a pay-to-win system.


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