Is Ballistic Shield A Better Option Than Shield Generator Pack For Strategems In Helldivers 2?

Choose the best Stratagem.

Helldivers 2
Stratagems are great utility during battle in Helldivers 2.


  • Ballistic Shield is the only unbreakale Strategems.
  • Shield Generator resists enough damage using the d-pad
  • Ballistics Shield should be the best options considering the pros and cons of both Stratagems.

Ballistic Shield is among the Supply stratagems with unlimited uses and below four seconds of activation.

Whereas the Shield Generator Pack offers players a shield and has an activation time of three seconds.

both the Ballistic Shield and the Shield Generator pack provide different ways to defend against enemies.

Ballistic Shield: Only Undestrutable Backpack

The Ballistic Shield is a frontline defence gear for players which creates a protective barrier against enemy attacks.

Furthermore, it is a big shield that you hold in front of you to protect yourself from incoming attacks.

Ballistic shield in Helldivers 2
Ballistic Shield is a big giant shield that helps players block fire damage from the front in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The SH-20 Ballistic Shield backpack can be wielded in one hand while the other hand shoots at the enemies.

The call-in time of SH-20 Ballistic Shield is 5 seconds and the cooldown time is 300 seconds.

However, many players find the Ballistic shield less effective and are not happy with how it performs.

Gets Knocked Out Of Hand

A big problem with the Ballistic Shield is that it can easily get knocked out of your hands.

When you get hit by explosives or other powerful attacks, the Ballistic shield knocks out of your hand, making you vulnerable to attacks.

Due to this, players feel defenseless and they cannot protect themselves very well during battles.

Poor Defensive Ability 

Even though the Ballistic shield blocks shots from the front and mitigates explosive damage, its defensive ability is poor.

Players are not satisfied with the Ballistic shield as other backpack options in the game do not have this problem.

Hence, players are going for alternative shield options in Helldivers 2 like Shield generator pack.

Lack Of Versatility

Many players find the Ballistic Shield to lack versatility and flexibility during battles.

This is because players can only use SMGs and pistols when equipping the Ballistic shield in Helldivers 2.

Unable To Defend In Close Combat

The Ballistic shield is unable to withstand against enemies who attack with melee weapons like chainsaws.

Even though it can stop shots and reduce damage, it’s not very useful in close combat.

Furthermore, the Ballistic shield does not meet the expectations of the players as it cannot block the melee attacks directly in front of them.

The shield also does not have offensive capabilities for attacking like with a shield bash or stronger melee attack.

While the Ballistic Shield in Helldivers 2 has some potential as a defensive tool it needs significant improvements.

Shield Generator Pack As An Alternative Option In Helldivers 2

In comparison to the Ballistic shield, the Shield Generator pack provides a different type of defense technique in Helldivers 2.

Instead of a providing physical barrier, the Shield generator pack generates an energy shield around the player.

Sheild generator pack in Helldivers 2
The Shield Generator pack is a versatile shield in comparison to the Ballistic Shield in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen plays Mag)

This energy shield is powerful and shields players from enemy attacks and fire.

A Bubble Of Energy Shield

The Shield Generator pack forms a bubble of energy around the player and blocks fire.

The best part of the shield generator pack is you can fire through the energy bubble to kill enemies.

Works With Any Weapon

The Shield generator pack is more versatile and flexible than the Ballistic shield.

While you can only use SMGs and pistols with Ballistic shields, the shield generator lets you use any weapon of your choice.

This gives players to choose powerful guns with energy shields during battles.

Recharges Faster

The Shield Generator pack recharges fasters which allows players to use it more frequently to shield themselves.

The quick recharge and the flexibility of choosing any weapon while the shield is active make the shield generator a favourable choice.

Effective Against Long-Range Attacks

The shield generator pack works effectively against long-range attacks, explosions and even melee attacks.

Its energy shield gives complete protection and allows players to focus on attacking without worrying about taking damage


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