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Visit Barracks And Find Tortured Man In Gray Zone Warfare The Negotiator Quest

Seek a revenge against the Soviet Bunker Rebels.


  • The Negotiator mission is from the Crimson Shield International Faction with other tasks such as Rat’s Nest and Lost and Found.
  • The faction attracts the former military, as well as other eager adventurers and action seekers unlike Mithras Faction.
  • To complete The Negotiator task players need to find the tortured man and find a key.

“The Negotiator” falls into the Crimson Shield International Faction, a Private Military Company with a high success rate and ruthless efficiency.

In The Negotiator, players must visit specific coordinates and complete only a single objective.

When players complete the objectives they not only get the rewards but Reputation points of the specific vendor for future tasks.

Complete The Negotiator Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

To complete the Gray Zone Warfare task, The Negotiator, you must enter YBL one main entrance and go to the barracks from Lima 2 with the coordinates (142, 121).

From there, go down the stairs and find a door with a tortured man on the left.

the negotiator gray zone warfare
You need to find the tortured man for The Negotiator quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You need a key to open the door, which can be obtained by killing enemies around the area; the key needed is the Office 2 key.

Once you have the key, it will open the door for you and complete the task.

Remember, this task falls into the Crimson Faction; some of the more tasks are: Medical Detective, Rat’s Nest, Lost and Found, Duty to the Country and more.

You’ll get the following rewards for completing The Negotiator:

  • M870
  • USD 7,000
  • 1000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation

Players will also get rewards related to the vendor, such as M870, a shotgun that is effective at close range.

Rat’s Nest Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

The main objective of Rat’s Nest quest is to gather intelligence from the hideout in the diverse parts of the town.

This is a two-part quest, the first part in the East part of the town and the second one in the Northwest part of the town.

Rat's Nest Quest east part town building
This building is for the east part of the town. ( Source: screenplays mag)

The player should find the two storied building, enter there, and search for intelligence to complete the east part of the town’s quest.

Likewise, you should find the yellow house with red markings for the northwest part of the town.

Rat's Nest Quest northwest part house
The yellow house is for the northwest part of the town. ( Source: screenplays mag)

You will find the convict’s notepad, which will be the key intel for completing the Rats Nest quest.

After completing this quest, players will receive rewards such as;

  • Patrol
  • 3,600 USD
  • 400 XP
  • 100 Reputation

Players can use these earned utilities to progress through and buy items from vendors.

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