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Before And After Images Of Stellar Blade Outfits Surface Online Amid Censorship Issue

Shift Up's Negligence or Sony's Fault?


  • Shift Up is facing backlash from fans after censoring few outfits and patching contents.
  • Eventhough, Stellar Blade is R-rated, PS5 and Shift Up censored Cybernatic Bondage, Holiday Rabbit, and Mautan Peany Outfit.
  • The petition to remove the censored contents has already crossed 50000 signs which was started by Mark Kern.

Stellar Blade launched on PS5 on April 26, 2024, but is not shy of controversies after just a few days.

Initially, Stellar Blade faced accusations of racism due to the Hard R graphics, and now Shift Up is facing backlash from fans due to censorship issues.

Hence, players are filling up petitions to get the content they originally signed up for.

Stellar Blade Censorship Drama and Petitions

Stellar Blade removed the Hard R graphics from the Shop, probably a Racial Slur identity, due to severe backlash from fans.

To solve similar issues, an ex-Blizzard developer, Mark Kern, started a Petition on change.org, which has over 70,000 signatures already.

The issue was raised due to Sony/Shift Up’s step to censor some female characters’ outfits, including Eve, who received minor alterations in the Patch.

Many gamers, including Mark Kern, claimed they signed up and made Stellar Blade the game with most Pre-orders.

If you agree with Mark Kern’s claim, you can sign the petition by filling in your name and email address.

Stellar Blade Censorship: Before And After Image Comparision

Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung-tae, in an Interview on the Launch day, said the minor changes in the Patch were intended to cover certain age groups even though the game has a 17+ rating.

Some fans claim the censorship issue not just lies in a few costumes, including the Bunny outfit, but also in offering something different from what they were initially supposed to deliver.

Moreover, some fans even questioned Sony’s policy for potentially blocking Shift Up’s move to censor the content.

The Patch censored a few of the outfits with some minor changes, but definitely not all of them.

If you compare the Stellar Blade censorship before and after the Patch, you would not notice any changes in Planet Diving Suit, Black Pearl, Racer’s High, Mautan Peany, or Black Wave.

Jumping to the Blue Monsoon outfit, you won’t notice any change apart from the upper top.

However, you will see notable changes in Cybernatic Bondage to cover the chest area.

Changes are only made in the upper part of the outfit. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The outfit that raised controversy among developers and fans was the change in the Holiday Rabbit (Bunny Outfit) costume.

holiday rabbit stellar blade outfit before and after
The Patch covered the chest area in Bunny Outfit. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Even though the developers of Stellar Blade are not optimistic about bringing back uncensored content, considering the high number of petitions, they may change their minds.

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