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Best Ten Games To Play In 2024

Take a glance at every factor.

There are plenty of games to choose from in 2024, from Action Role-Playing to Shooting games, covering different narratives and storylines.

Some of the best games are available only on limited platforms, which can be a deal breaker for many.

Nontheless, you still have great options available on multiple platforms, have great pricing, and, most importantly, get regular updates.

Baldur’s Gate 3

GenreRole-Playing Game
Initial Release DateAugust 3, 2023
DeveloperLarian Studios
PublisherLarian Studios
SeriesBaldur’s Gate
PlatformsPS5, Xbox X|S, Windows, Mac OS

Baldur’s Gate is one of the best games to play in 2024 and an all-timer who won the The Game Award for Game of the Year for 2023.

Larian Studios worked to develop the game for several years after releasing its predecessor; rightly so, it has impressed RPG fans, having sold over 10 million copies.

You have twelve classes and several interesting companions, including Astarion, Gale, Wyll Karlach, or The Dark Urge.

Moreover, you can set up a team of four, including companions, or even co-op with your friends to explore the mystery of Druid Grove, House of Healing, or the Underdark.

You will find plenty of intriguing quests and must invest around 65 hours to play just the main ones and over 160 Hours to beat the game.

So, what is waiting for you to dive into Survival and betrayal and use your power from the Flame To Dimension door?

Helldivers 2

GenreThird-person Shooter, Indie
Initial Release DateFebruary 8, 2024
DeveloperArrowhead Game Studios
PublishersSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformsPlayStation 4|5, Microsoft Windows

Hellidvers has dramatically changed from its predecessor, switching from a top-down shooter to a third-person.

However, Arrowhead Game Studio has focused on and kept a few aspects of its original game, including the co-op experience and the number of alien threats in the rising galaxy.

Whether you start the Galactic War, enter any of the 53 sectors, or the 253 Planets, you are never alone from ferocious Terminds, Bugs, and Bile Titans.

Helldivers 2 isn’t just your normal Co-op; it’s filled with humorous propaganda and satires about the democratic nature of saving the Super Earth.

Having access to just the base game doesn’t affect your progression system, is highly rewarding, and has few matchmaking issues.

Whether you have played Helldivers before or are new to the Super Earth Dimensions and Warbonds, don’t be late in spreading democracy around the galaxies.

Destiny 2

GenreAction RPG, Adventure, Fighting
Initial Release DateAugust 28, 2017
PublishersBungie, Activision
PlatformsPS5, PS4, Microsoft Windows

Destiny 2 has improved vastly over the years in aspects including storytelling and missions.

Destiny 2 may not be Bungie’s best-ever game, but it still shares excellent co-op gameplay and offers a progress-driven system.

Unlike most first-person shooters, Bungie ensures weekly updates involving new quests, Shaders, Exotic items, or even Callouts.

After more than five years of release, Destiny 2 is still selling many copies and introducing new events, whether it be New Year, Christmas, or Halloween.

So, if you choose Hunter, Titan, or Warlock class and opt for any subclasses or perks, your “Destiny” is in your hands to overcome ferocious enemies.

Lethal Company

GenreSurvival Horror
Initial Release DateOctober 9, 2023
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Lethal Company is probably one of the funniest-horror games to play with friends, where you can explore the undiscovered moons and planets.

Even though you will have an oxygen suit and consumables to save you from an unfavorable environment, you may not know that gigantic monsters constantly seek your blood.

Baboon Hawk, Bracken, Thumper, and Spore Lizard are a few enemies you may encounter while collecting Scrap for your company.

You have a ship and items, including a Shovel and Flashlights, to explore the mystery of Vow or Assurance Moons and to fulfill the company’s quota.

However, you may never return back to your base, considering the fatality of the environment, so don’t forget to take your crewmate along.


GenreTactical Shooter
Initial Release DateJune 2, 2020
DeveloperRiot Games
PublishersRiot Games
PlatformMicrosoft Windows

Riot Games has released some of the best games over the years, including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant.

Many CS GO players have switched to Valorant, as it doesn’t have shooting mechanics, but it has offered something additional: Utilities based on Agents and Roles.

The 5 v 5 tactical shooter may be overdone after playing for a few minutes, but it is fun to play after you master a few agents or roles.

Players have four different roles: Duelist, Smoke, Initiator, and Sentinel, and after the recent addition of Clove, there are 24 playable characters.

If you have a squad of five members, you will have plenty of fun in every game mode; if not, you can team up with randoms to start competing in maps such as Ascent or Bind.

Even though Valorant is free-to-play, it seems pay-to-win in a few instances, considering you may struggle to land headshots without the Premium Skins.

Alan Wake 2

GenreSurvival Horror, Adventure, Puzzle, Third-person Shooter
Initial Release DateOctober 27, 2023
DeveloperRemedy Entertainment
PublisherEpic Games
SeriesAlan Wake
PlatformsPS5, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox X|S

Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake 2 after 13 years of wait covers the same mysterious story of Saga Anderson, an FBI agent.

Unlike the cult classic, you have multiple characters to choose from: Alan Wake and Saga Anderson investigating cases in Bright Falls.

Players will have an intense horror experience while searching Intels, information, or tracking down enemies in areas of the Pacific Northwest.

When you explore the dense forest of Cauldron Lake or the areas of Dark Place, you will feel something lurking behind you.

The Sequel has a more open world with creepier enemies, Nightingale and Deer Masked Taken, but it is also filled with Dynamic Loot.

Gradually progressing in the Horror-survival will unveil old and new characters, multiple realities, and POVs with switchable characters and get longer gameplay than Alan Wake.

Elden Ring

GenreAction RPG, Adventure
Initial Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
DevelopersFrom Software Inc, Bandai Namco
PublishersFrom Software Inc, Bandai Namco
PlatformPS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Elden Ring is probably one of the best RPG games of the 21st Century, which won Game of the Year for 2022.

The RPG offers a vast open Realm from Limgrive and Liurina Highway South to Weeping Peninsula and Ainsel River, containing a handful of loot.

Unsurprisingly, the RPG has 10 starting classes, including Prophet, Samurai, Confessor, Wretch, and Vagabond, with both pros and cons in Vigor, Minds, and other stats.

Even if you invest hundreds of hours, you will still have secrets to uncover with mysterious Lores, tougher bosses, and tons of utilities.

If you want tough combat with a stealth option, better co-op, immense RPG experience, and rewards to progress forward no matter the difficulty level, you should definitely consider Elden Ring.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

GenresAction RPG, Adventure, Fighting
Initial Release DateMarch 21, 2024
PublishersCapcom, Capcom USA Inc.
SeriesDragon’s Dogma
PlatformsPS5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is definitely one of the best games, fulfilling the expectations of players who have played the Predecessor.

Those players who are new to Capcom’s Dragons Dogma 2 may feel the game is janky at the start but it is extremely fun as you progress through.

Being an Action RPG, it offers something out of the box, covering elements of Monster Hunter and Skyrim.

The Combat in action RPG is highly realistic and has quite limited quests, but it is extremely engaging and, most importantly, rewards curiosity, unlike Rise of the Ronin.

There are tons of activities to keep you occupied; pawns have massively improved, and every Class from Thief to Mage is well balanced.

Even if you beat the game, an uncovered area, Unmoored World, awaits, with plenty of quests to unlock.

Apex Legends

GenreFirst-person Shooter, Battle Royale
Initial Release DateFebruary 4, 2019
DeveloperRespawn EntertainmentPanic Button Games
PublishersElectronic Arts
PlatformPS5PS4Xbox Series, Switch, Microsoft Windows

FPS games are highly addictive even when you master any particular skill or character; the same case applies to Apex Legends.

While securing your path from beginner to “legend” in Apex Legends, you have plenty of unique skills to choose from: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support.

You have 25 unique characters to choose from, so the early phases are all about trying new roles and legends until you master one.

While chasing the safe zone or distributing the loot, a better co-op experience is all you need in the battle royale, no matter which legend you pick.

Unlike other battle royales, you have only a slot for three party members, which can be frustrating for a few; nonetheless, it’s enough to distribute the roles.

Apart from that, combat is pretty satisfying; the characters are well balanced, EA opts for regular updates, decent control and movement, and an overall great FPS experience with friends.


GenreFirst-person Shooter, Battle Royale
Initial Release DateSeptember 17, 2013
DeveloperRockstar Games
PublishersRockstar Games
PlatformPlayStationXbox Series, Microsoft Windows

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has never disappointed fans with the games Rockstar has released over the years, from Vice City to GTA V.

Even though many players await GTA 6, which will be released in 2025, its predecessor is still successful among players after more than eleven years of release.

Whether you choose Franklin, Trevor, or Michael, you have your own story to tell and secure an ending accordingly.

Many players may already completed the missions or unlocked every area possible through offline mode; its online mode is still fun to play.

You can enjoy GTA V online with your friends or even with randoms and get paid by completing the missions from looting the bank or killing the gang leader.

GTA V has a vast open world to explore, from Vinewood to Mount Chilled, and even offers events occasionally in Lunar New Year, Christmas or other festivals.

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