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LayBuy Is Not Working For Amazon Due To Suspension But You Can Use Other BNPL Services

End of Laybuy and Amazon partnership.


  • Laybuy allows you to shop online or in-store and pay over six weeks with no fees or interest.
  • Laybuy has currently suspended giants including Amazon, M&S, and Ebay.
  • The issue occured sue to cost of living crisis.

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) services are very popular, especially for budget-conscious shoppers on a mission to manage their online purchases.

One of the most used options in a number of regions was Laybuy, where Amazon payment could easily be spread out into monthly installments.

However, for those who wish to make use of Laybuy at Amazon, this is no longer possible.

Amazon No Longer Available on LayBuy

Laybuy is a payment service that allows you to shop online or in-store and pay over six weeks with no fees or interest.

It provides the Laybuy Card that you can link to your digital wallet and pay in stores by tapping.

Depending on the product and your eligibility, Amazon offers its own financing options.

It lets you transact beyond the value you are allowed to transact; you can use the boost feature to pay the difference upfront.

Significantly, in late 2023, there was a surprise for many Laybuy users.

Several large retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, and Marks & Spencer, were no longer available on the Laybuy platform.

However, the blow would hit many Laybuy users who depends on this service in managing their Amazon spending.

The exact reasons are unclear as to why Laybuy opted to not run the service with these retailers.

And yet, speculations tend to point towards a business strategy which is likely changing, or maybe the negotiation had fallen through from such big retailers.

laybuy not working
Use of Laybuy at Amazon is not possible.

LayBuy’s Recent Change Regarding Amazon

This section of the article presents a challenge for people who have found joy in splitting Amazon purchases using Laybuy.

LayBuy No Longer Supports Amazon

Facing the convenience of splitting Amazon purchases beforehand using Laybuy, unfortunately, this option is no longer available.

You cannot even use Laybuy as a payment method for Amazon transactions.

Any attempt to use Laybuy on Amazon will result in the payment option being unavailable

Outdated Information Warning

Be careful about trusting information from internet sources, or articles that haven’t been updated recently.

Some sources mention that Laybuy is still working with Amazon, but it is not.

Therefore, it is necessary to double-check the information and verify the current status before assuming that Laybuy is still compatible with Amazon.

Alternative Payment Options For Amazon

Laybuy and Amazon are not working anymore, however, you can try several alternatives for Amazon transactions:

Credit Cards And Debit Cards

These are the most common payment methods on Amazon.

Thus, ensure that the card you have attached has sufficient funds or credit for the transaction, if applicable.

Credit cards provide extra benefits, including rewards points, purchase protection, and extended warranties.

Amazon Financing Options

Amazon offers its own financing options for some products, depending on eligibility.

One of the options allows customers to make payments on a product in installments and can be split over a period. Examples include:

  • Amazon Installments: This involves dividing the total cost into equal monthly payments.
  • Amazon Store Card: Amazon issues this credit card, which offers promotional financing on selected purchases.
  • Amazon Prime Store Card: Amazon designed this credit card specifically for Prime members, offering them exclusive financing options.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Services

Some providers still operate with Amazon; a few of these are BNPL service providers.

Exactly before you settle on one, do research and compare the various services you can access before the selection.

Be mindful of interest rates, fees, and terms of repayment. Some of the best available BNPL services that work well with Amazon are Affirm, Klarna, and Afterpay.

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