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Try The Bow Meta And Sheep Farming For Infinite Money In Manor Lords

Apply a powerful economic tactic to never run out of money.


  • Manor Lords had an update that was recently released addressing an infinite money strategy of trade only option.
  • The developer specifically listed “export abuse” as a reason for the update.
  • Try sheep farming, and the bow meta for infinite money using bow production and efficiency.

In Manor Lords, previously, players could exploit how the market worked to generate Infinte Money.

However, you can’t rely on just selling a ton of one good to get infinite money anymore.

The game now adjusts prices based on supply and demand; however, there are still ways to make a healthy profit in Manor Lords.

Infinite Money Technique In Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, if there were no end to your money, players would build, expand, and manage your manor without any limitations because of running out of funds.

Further, they could modify the game, use cheats, or exploit other game mechanics. However, altering the game in this way may hinder your enjoyment of it.

Thus, exploit with caution and understand the game’s terms of service regarding these adjustments in the early access.

infinite money in Manor Lords
Implement sheep farming for infinite money in Manor Lords. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, there are some techniques you can use to sell the item without changing the price without market instructions.

Dynamic Trade For Infinite Money In Manor Lords

In Manor Lords, there’s a clever way to generate infinite money by focusing on the economy; follow the tricks below:

Sheep Farming

Acquire sheep through Animal Trading Post; assign a villager to do the job. In your trading post, you will find various categories for trade; set the sheep category to import.

It might take some time, but eventually, your trader will be importing sheep for your settlement.

acquire sheep for infinite money livestock trading post
Visit Livestock Trading Post to acquire sheep. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Sheep Maintenance

Once you have sheep, they need a place to live and graze; make sure you have enough grassland.

Sheep naturally produce wool, and you have to collect that wool regularly.

Yarn Production

  • Processing Wool: That’s the time to make some more valuable than wool out of yarn.
  • Weaver’s Workshop: Build a workshop wherein the shepherds’ wool can be made into yarn.
  • Speed Wool To Yarn: Ensure to convert the wool to yarn faster to have more money.

Export Surplus Goods

  • Trading Post: With the increase in yarn production, it is time to earn your effort.
  • Export: Utilize the trading post to sell your surplus yarn. And the demand for yarn may make it very profitable as an export.
Assign families for construction
Assign families without work for construction. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Bow Meta

The Bow Meta strategy in Manor Lords is a powerful economic technique that can result in infinite amounts of money.

Tend to Produce and Sell Bows

  • Bow Production: This involves gathering timber, processing timber into planks, and crafting bows using planks at a bowyer’s workshop, among other things.
  • Efficiency: The key to this strategy is efficiency; the faster you produce bows, the more you can sell.
processing timber into planks in manor lords
Gather timber and process it into planks. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Combine with Trade Bonus

  • Trade Routes: Identify possible trade routes specifically established to trade bows.
  • Trade Bonus: Take advantage of any trade bonuses that may be in play. These could be seasonal or according to certain trade agreements that are part of the game.
  • Maximize Profits: Combining the most efficient production with appropriate trade bonuses significantly increases profits from bow sales.
 trade bonuses
Take advantage of any trade bonuses that may be in play.(Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Ensure Your Coffers Overflow

  • Economic Stability: By receiving steady income from the sale of bows, you can ensure the sustainity of economic stability.
  • Reinvestment: You can use profits to improve production efficiency or expand other areas of your economy.
  • Referral Items: While the main focus is on bows, consider producing and selling other regenerative items, such as yarn from sheep farming.
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