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Brawl Stars Egg Glitch To Get Legendary Drops

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  • Monster egg is a part of Godzilla Event whics starts from April 29 to May 20.
  • Players can get five egg rarity from Rare to Legendary, which has drop rate of 50% and 3%, respectively.
  • To get the Legendary egg, players should perform a egg glitch by following specific patterns for different eggs.

In Brawl Stars, players can obtain and hatch eggs for rewards, including skin, gems, mutations, and points.

Players can obtain eggs of different rarities: Legendary, Mythic, Epic, Super Rare, and Rare.

Even though getting the legendary or Mythic egg is quite rare, players can perform a glitch for the egg.

Brawl Stars Egg Glitch For High-Rarity Items

Players can try their luck to obtain different rarity eggs by playing Godzilla City Smash Event or buying Monster Eggs directly from the store.

brawl stars monster egg
Purchase six egg packs for 79 Gems. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can also join a club in the Godzilla event to collect Godzilla eggs by completing milestones, which will end on 20 May 2024.

The chance to get a Legendary egg is 3%, whereas Mythic and Epic are 6% and 16%. However, you can use a few specific techniques to get high-rarity Monster Eggs.

Players often break the eggs randomly and get inferior mutations or random drops.

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Use The Egg Glitch Technique

If you can use the correct pattern, you will have a high chance of securing a Legendary egg all the way from the Rare egg.

Players can try swapping the egg in the pattern Down, Up, Right, and Left to obtain a Super Egg Rare.

rare egg brawl stars
Use the correct swiping pattern. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have the Super Rare, you should hatch the egg using the swiping technique: Down, Up, Right, and Left.

After you get the Epic and Mythic eggs, use the swiping technique: Up, Down, Left, Right, and Left initially, and Down, Left, Up, Right, Left and Up patterns, respectively.

Following the patterns will grant you a Legendary egg containing Epic, Legendary, and Hypercharge Skins.

Players can get any of the 13 Legendary skins after hatching the Legendary egg;

Skin NameDrop Rate (%)
Scarlet Paladin Surge23
Robo Mike8
Mega Beetle Bea4
Ultra Driller Jacky4
Robo Spike4
Super Ranger Brock Red9
Super Ranger Brock Blue9
Super Ranger Brock Pink9
Super Ranger Brock Black9
Super Ranger Brock Yellow9
Godzilla Buzz5
Red Godzilla Buzz5
Black Godzilla Buzz2

If players don’t get Legendary eggs, they will still get skins in the Mythic Monster egg, which also offers nine skins.

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