Brawl Talk Reveals Free Egg Pin And New Brawlers With New Game Mode All In Single Update

Watch out, Lilly's coming.

Brawl Talk Free Pin
The redemption page is active, where players can redeem their free reward.


  • Two New Brawlers, Draco and Lilly is joining the 78 roster pool in the game.
  • Players can claim the Free Egg Pin by going to the redemption page of Brawl Stars.
  • In New game mode, Godzilla City Smash, players will get to destory as many items as possible.

The April Brawl Talk for Brawl Stars thrilled fans with a Godzilla collaboration, a new mutation, and a free egg pin. Exciting stuff!

Furthermore, this update has something for every fan with new brawlers and skins.

Moreover, the egg pin in Brawl Stars allows players to use the Monster egg emoticon in the in-game chat to celebrate the event.

Exciting Updates And Limited-Time Event Revealed In Brawl Talk: Brawl Stars Collaborates With Godzilla And Free Egg Pin

Tons of other exciting stuff awaits us as per the Brawl Talk, which premiered on April 20, 2024.

Fans will get to see new skins and game modes as per the collaboration with Godzilla of Brawl Stars.

Moreover, with the mutation modifier, the brawler’s main and super attacks will enhance.

In the game, players can acquire Monster Eggs by completing quests and winning in the newly added Godzilla City Smash mode.

Godzilla City Smash, brawl talk free pin
The game mode as seen in the Brawl Talk gives us brief introduction as Godzilla himself looks for items to destroy.

In the new game mode showcased in the video, the player’s main objective is to destroy items; the team that destroys the most items will be victorious.

However, this mode will air for a limited time only so make sure you join in on the fun before it ends.

The event will be live from April 29th, 2024, and will end on May 20th, 2024.

How To Get Free Egg Pins In Brawl Stars For April Brawl Talk?

Players can collect free Egg pins in Brawl Stars, which are given out during the Brawl Talk.

Follow the steps below to collect the free Egg pin in Brawl Stars from your mobile device:

  • Visit the official redemption page of Egg Pin of Brawl Stars.
  • Select the Claim Reward button, which will automatically open; a prompt will appear on the Home Screen.
  • Click the Claim button on that prompt as well to get the Egg Emoticon.
  • An exclamation sign will appear on your inbox, open your inbox and select the Claim button under the Personal tab.
brawl talk free pin
Players can acquire and use the Emoticon in-game through the chat option while in a match.

Claim the pin soon, as they typically have time restrictions and will expire very shortly.

New Brawlers Draco And Lily: Powerful Additions To The Game Roster

Two new Brawlers will join the roster of 78 other Brawlers in the game.

The game’s upcoming features include the legendary Brawler Draco, known for lethality, and Lily, a Mythic Brawler with teleportation and backstabbing abilities.

Draco: Guitarist Who Rides Dragon

Draco is a close-range brawler who wields a weaponized Guitar, his normal attacks are powerful enough to heavily damage an enemy like Dynamike or even Nani.

Moreover, if the damage does come out from the tip of his guitar and is accurate, it will deal additional damage(more than usual).

Note: This is just an example, as we will only know how it works after the game releases him.

However, for now, we are guessing it works like Nani’s normal attack, with more damage if hit accurately.

Draco New Brawler
In-game, it remains to be seen if he can withstand flames, including those of Brock.

Draco’s Super-attack, or his ultimate, involves riding a dragon for a limited time, which increases his movement speed and damage reduction.

Moreover, His dragon will also release fire in front of him to control sharp corners and areas.

Lilly: The Back Stabber

Lilly, a part human, part plant, and a very powerful assassin is upcoming up on the roster to shake them up.

She has fast one ammo, close-range attack, which deals up to 3600 damage in one go.

lily brawl stars
Lily plants her seed, sneaks behind her enemies, is she a mosquito or a human? We will test.

Furthermore, when she’s near an enemy, she charges her super-attack, which she can activate to sneak up behind them.


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