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Bring Briefcase To Car Repair Store To Complete Native Negotiations In Gray Zone Warfare

Find the specific truck.


  • Objective of the Native Negotiation Quest is to bring the briefcase to a car repair store.
  • Gray Zone Warfare offers various quest such as Handshake: First Recon Quest and Covert Research and Reclamation which depends upon the faction.
  • Players can use the Helicopter for the quick travel to complete these quests within a time.

Gray Zone Warfare is an emerging Military game for those seeking an immersive and tactical FPS experience.

The FPS shooter promises an exciting adventure into Modern Warfare with strategic skills.

You can select a faction from the competing factions and get ready to travel through a risky landscape.

Native Negotiation Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

For the Native Negotiation Quest in Gray Zone Warfare, players must bring the briefcase to a car repair store, but first start with Mintras Faction.

Therefore, you must head towards the command tent at your headquarters (HQ) to find the briefcase.

briefcase for native negotiation
The briefcase is found at the command tent at your headquarters (HQ). (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you get the briefcase, call for a helicopter to quickly travel to the car repair store.

Significantly, the repair store is located between a motel and a construction site.

You may encounter lots of NPCs around the car repair store, hampering the completion of your quest; thus, be cautious.

Remember, you need to have plenty of bullets; if found any NPCs, kill them.

After arriving at the car repair store, you need to identify and locate the specific truck required for the mission at coordinates 170117 north of the Motel.

truck Gray zone warfare
Identify and locate the specific truck required for the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Finally, you should keep the briefcase under the truck; this completes the Native Negotiation task.

Handshake First Recon Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

To initiate the Handshake: First Recon Quest in Gray Zone Warfare, players should visit three locations, each with coordinates provided in the game.

The first location is a gas station with coordinates (170,120), the second is a convenience store (171,118), and finally, a demolished building (170,116).

Players can use their helicopter to get to the nearest landing zone and reach the locations.

convenience store
The convenience store is one of the locations you must reach. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Remember, killing guards at the locations is unnecessary; players must reach that location to complete the task.

To assign the task, players can click on the vendor tab, the task tab, and the complete button.

Finally, they’ll obtain the rewards immediately or through the mail inbox icon.

Covert Research And Reclamation Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Covert Research and Reclamation are the same quests that different NPCs offer.

Players will find this quest in the Southwest of the Town. The objective is to find a metal container the size of (3×3) upstairs in the building.

NPCs offer similar rewards; the player can decide whom to give the rewards item to.

metal container
Covert Research and Reclamation requires players to obtain a metal container. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After finding the container, players can either give it to the Lab Rat, or you can trade it for the Reclamation Task.

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