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Check The Mail From Lollo Logistics In Wuthering Waves

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  • Checking the mail sent from Lollo Logistics is one of the objective of Wuthering Waves’ “We Promise We Deliver” quest.
  • After completing this objective, you can unlock other tasks: Find Mimika’s Touchpad and Battle With Inferno Rider.
  • Players will receive the mail only after they find the Wanted Poster and converse with Dr.Woodrow.

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG developed by Kuro Game, where players can explore the world without limit.

This newly launched game provides different features for players to enjoy, including various quests and rewards.

“We promise, We deliver” is one of the exploration quests in the adventure of Wuthering Waves.

“We Promise, We Deliver” Quest In Wuthering Waves

The “We promise, We deliver” quest in Wuthering Waves is an exploration mission involving challenges and puzzles.

check main in Wuthering Waves quest
Start the quest from the Port City of Guixu. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can start this mission from the mysterious and toxic state of the port city of Guixu.

After entering the city, you can start the quest by searching for the Wanted Poster.

Check The Wanted Poster

The first objective of the “We promise, we deliver” quest is to Check the Wanted Poster in the bulletin.

Players must head towards the bulletin board at Jinzhou, where they will find the poster attached to the wall.

Further, you need to examine the notice poster; while you do so, the NPC named Dr. Woodrow will come and talk to you.

Wanted poster
Examine the wanted notice. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Dr. Woodrow is the Wutherological Climate Researcher in the game. Players will encounter him in different locations during their missions.

Therefore, after checking the wanted poster, you will receive a new mail from Lollo Logistics, which you need to check.

Check The Mail Sent From Lollo Logistics

One of the quest’s key objectives is checking the mail sent from Lollo Logistics: “We promise, we deliver.”

The information in the mail will help you unlock the other objective and lead you toward the end of this mission.

Check the main and visit Jinzhou. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After checking the mail, you must visit the Jinzhou Branch and speak with Tangu Manliu and Mimika.

Shortly after Completing the conversation with them, you can teleport to the outskirts of the Sea of Flames.

Within the Sea of Flames, you have to complete several objectives to achieve success in the mission.

With the successful completion of the mission, you will receive the following rewards,

  • Union EXP x30
  • Astrite x20
  • Shell Credit x6000
  • Medium Energy Core x1

All these rewards you receive are beneficial in the game’s early stages for enhancing your character’s abilities and upgrading equipment.

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