Check The Second Page Vendor Of Shaxx If Destiny 2 Onslaught Is Bugged In Feat Of Bravery

Bumpy ride to start Into The Light.

Destiny 2 Onslaught Bugged
Onslaught, the second step to completing Feats of Bravery is facing a bug where players cannot acquire any rewards.


  • Players are experiencing a confusing bug where the game doesn’t register the efforts in Onslaught Activity.
  • Bungie has already started investigating on the bug whilst recommending to check second page vendor.
  • Players are now encountering a frustating bug where they are kicked out of the lobby with an error code.

Players are experiencing a frustrating glitch with the Onslaught task, related to ‘Feats of Bravery’ in Destiny 2.

Despite numerous attempts, players consistently encounter difficulty advancing beyond part 2 of the quest.

Players have made the bug known to Bungie support, the game’s developers through their official site’s forum.

Challenges in Step 2 of ‘Feats of Bravery’ Quest: The Onslaught Activity

‘Feats of Bravery’ offers a swift introduction to the inner workings and mechanics of the Onslaught activity.

The prerequisite to play this quest is that players must have completed a side quest beforehand.

Feats of Bravery Quest Info
Feats of Bravery starts with Lord Shaxx, Lord of War asking your help to defend Last City. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Feats of Bravery in total has seven steps or parts in the quest in Destiny 2.

However, players have reported issues that they were facing in Step 2 of the quest, The Onslaught activity.

Issues And Frustration With Destiny 2 Onslaught Bugged Rewards

Bungie Help on Twitter has confirmed that they are investigating the issue causing large delays in reward drops and quest progression.

Bungie has also recommended making sure to check the second-page vendor of Shaxx to get the Feats of Bravery.

However, the player’s frustration despite the confirmation hasn’t been hidden towards the empty chest.

The Empty Chest
The chest is empty when players try to open it after defeating the waves. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

No rewards or loot are given to the players in the Onslaught activity even after completion.

Players have also experienced a confusing bug where they are being thrown error codes that they have been disconnected.

Players receive an error code and are kicked out of the lobby, possibly due to servers being overloaded.

Completing Feats Of Bravery Quest In Destiny 2: A Guide to Into The Light

Feats of Bravery serves as a tutorial for “Into The Light”, the latest content update for Destiny 2, educating players on its features and mechanics.

Follow the guide below to complete all Seven Steps of Feats of Bravery in Destiny 2.

Step One: Increasing Power Level With Gifts Of The Thunder Gods

You must ensure that they reach Power Level 1810 to deal with coming conflicts.

However, you can claim gear from the Gift of the Thunder Gods chest in the Hall of Champions to increase their power level.

Step Two: Onslaught Activity

Shaxx, or Lord Shaxx, the tian manager of The Crucible, challenges to strengthen up against the forces of the Witness in The Last City.

You must access the Onslaught Activity from the Into The Light Node on the Director and complete 10 waves of Ouslaught.

After you complete this step, the journey from herein should be quite easy.

Step Three: Visit Shaxx

You will need to visit Shaxx as you are proven worthy of being in his arsenal.

Lord Shaxx, Lord of War
Approaching Shaxx will pop up the menu to receive a Trophy of Bravery from Shaxx and continue the quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Shaxx will be near the Hall of Champions if you have collected the Power level from the area, head to the location to talk to Shaxx.

Step Four: Claiming New Weapons With Trophies Of Bravery

You will need to pick up some new weapons with the new Trophies of Bravery you have acquired.

Interact with the closest Brave chest to Lord Shaxx and spend 10 Trophies of Bravery to claim new weapons.

Progressing In The Feats Of Bravery Quest: Acquiring Elsie’s Rifle Aftermath Steps

You will need to visit Shaxx once more to progress in the Feats of Bravery quest where Acquiring Elsie’s Rifle follows.

You must speak with Arcite 99-40 to pick up the Stranger Danger quest and collect your Masterworked Elsie’s rifle upon completion from Holo-Shaxx.

Finally, speak to Shaxx one last time to have a little chat.


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