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Use Clay In Pax Dei To Craft Pottery Molds And Smelting Stations

Do you have the Alpha Key to play the Sandbox?


  • Clay is a crafting material through which a player can make buiding items such as bricks and tiles.
  • To find clay, players need to do much exploration near the water resources with the shovel or digging tool.
  • You can craft materials at the Blacksmith’s Workshop.

Pax Dei is a sandbox MMORPG that offers rich crafting and construction possibilities.

In Pax Dei, clay is an essential resource through which a player can lay out the basis for an extraordinary homestead.

Whether a central kiln or solid bricks, clay sets the stage for the prosperity of many Pax Dei players.

Clay Serves As Crafting Material In Pax Dei

Pax Dei is currently in the Alpha access, which is accessible by signing up to playtest on the game’s official website.

They need to create an account and then click on the Alpha-access button on their dashboard.

Significantly, the second Alpha test started on 23rd April 2024 and will last for a week.

The alpha test may have relatively less game content but offers plenty of opportunities for building and crafting using items like Clay.

Clay is an essential crafting material in Pax Dei; players can build several workbenches and crafting stations for making equipment.

For instance, the Blacksmith’s Workshop needs clay as one of the ingredients in building it.

Generally, players need clay in the making of Pottery Molds used in some crafting processes.

craft pottery molds
Use clay to craft different items, such as brick. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Thus, collecting clay is an important early-game activity which allows you to craft some basic tools and equipment.

It will lay a foundation for your development in the game. You must collect just enough to sustain your crafting use within Pax Dei’s environment.

Find And Use Clay In Pax Dei

In Pax Dei, to find clay, you need to do much exploration with the essential tools; here’s where you find clay:

Near The Water Resources

You can find clay deposits near the water resources, look for it in the following places:

Riverbanks: You can usually extract clay from the Riverbanks, but only on small amount.

Lakeshores: The lakeshore can be a great place to find a high number of clays.

Wetlands: You can find lots of clay near swamps and marshes, even if they are dirty.

tool for clay in Pax Dei
Ensure to have a shovel or digging tool. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Equip The Right Tool

After you identify a clay deposit, you must have digging tools or a shovel in your inventory to collect it.

Clay Deposit: You need to start depositing the clay.

Digging: With the digging tool, collect the clay; you can use the action button or command.

Take The Clay: After you dig up the clay, add it to your inventory.

Remember, you can only hold a certain amount of clay in your inventory, so manage your resource accordingly.

clay near water
You can find clay near water resources. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Make Pottery Molds And Smelting Stations Using Clay In Pax Dei

Making Pottery Molds is a crafting process that involves several procedure:

You need to gather 2 normal boards, 4 units of clay and 10 steel nails.

After you collect all the materials, access the Blacksmith’s Workshop and select the craft Pottery Molds option.

It is necessary to use the collected materials in the right proportions.

After you finish crafting the clay, create items like bricks and tiles for your buildings at the Pottery Kiln.

However, you’ll need to collect 12 red planks, 25 stones, and 12 normal short wood stock to craft the kiln.

Similarly, for Basic Klin for Charcoal, you need 25 clays, and for smelting stations, it needs 60 clays.

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