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Clear The Fog In Soulmask To Reveal New Map Location

Extract the intel from Scout Soul.


  • The Fog in Soulmask is the locked area of the map, also called the “Fog of War.”
  • Players must clear the Fog to get access to the uncovered map location.
  • Vising the Scout’s Camps and deterring the barbarian scout will clear the Fog and reveal the map.

Soulmask is a survival sandbox game that invites players to explore a mystical world inspired by ancient Mesoamerican civilizations.

Like any other RPG, Soulmask also features various resources within the gameplay to make it more exciting for the players.

Ores are essential resources to obtain, but you may encounter some inconveniences like Fog during extraction.

Deter The Scouts To Clear Fog In Soulmask

The Fog in Soulmask represents some of the maps’ unexplored areas, often referred to as the “Fog of War.”

To clear the Fog and unlock the map location, players need to visit scout camps and take down the soul of Scouts.

Fog in soulmask
Visit the Scout camp and unlock the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, here are several steps that will help players clear the Fog and unlock the map;

Visit Scout Camps

Players should look out for the scout camps on the map of Soulmask that are covered with the Fog.

After finding the camps, you can enter there and deter the Barbarian Scouts. Barbarians are the guardians of some of the camps.

Deterring them involves bringing their health down to 30% and then using a mask skill by using the ‘E‘ key.

Get the information from Scout
Press E to get the information. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, after you deter the scout, you will get information about other map locations, like Ancient Ruins and Barberian Barrack.

Kill The Dog

Players will find two guardians of the scout camp; one will be the Barberian and the other is a dog.

Thus, you need to kill the dog to clear some of the parts of the Fog and unlock the map location.

Scout in Soul mask
Chase the scout after killing the dog. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After you kill the dog in the scout camp, the new map location, Beginner Hunter, will be unlocked automatically.


Players can simply explore the word of Soulmask and venture into the fogged area of the maps, which will eventually help them reveal them.

But this is one of the risky methods, as you may discover various enemies and dangerous territories while exploring.

These methods will help you reveal new areas of the maps and contribute to the players’ overall survival experience.

Nishan Dahal
Nishan Dahal
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