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“Collect Rift Cauldron” Training Mission In MultiVersus

Complete mission before time runs out.


  • Rifts is a new PvE mode in MultiVersus which offers multiples themes including Chaos and Digital.
  • Players can get the Rift Cauldron by completing 100 objectives in the missios after reaching the 100 points mark.
  • 200 XP and 250 Figher Currency are the rewards for completing the challenge.

MultiVersus is Warner Bro’s free-to-play fighting game featuring famous characters such as the Joker, Arya Stark, Superman, Batman, and Morty.

However, you can only use four free characters, LeBron James, Finn, Buggs Bunny, and Wonder Woman, to complete training and daily and weekly missions.

Players can complete numerous training missions, including Collect Rift Cauldron, Play Three Rift Nodes, and Win PvP matches.

Collect Rift Cauldron In MultiVersus

The “Collect Rift Cauldron” training quest, particularly, is ravelling many players due to a lack of information.

cauldron multiversus
Collect Rift Cauldron to complete training mission.

The Rift Cauldron is a feature of PvE Rift modes that gradually increases the progression and upgrades the characters.

Players can get the Rift Cauldron after reaching the getting the 100 Rift points through the Rift Challenges.

rift cauldron
Track the Cauldron Progression located at the bottom right of the screen. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

To collect the Rift Caudon, players must complete 80% of the objectives.

Complete the Rift Mode challenges. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Rift Mode Missions In MultiVersus

You can start the Rift Mode by selecting the Enter Rifts tab in the Game Lobby, where you have two options to choose from: Chaos and Digital/Horror.

Select any option in the Rift Mode. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After a short cut-scene, players can start the Rift Mode and scan all of the objectives. Players will get a single Rift Point by completing any objective in the Rift modes.

A mission consists of five different objectives, so you can collect five Rift points (stars).

Check the five objectives before entering the match. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can get 125 Rift Points by completing the quests and every single mission, so you can skip at least 25 challenges to still get the Rift Cauldron.

Moreover, players will also receive rewards for collecting every 20 Rift points and a rare item once they reach the 100-point mark.

200 XP and 250 Fighter currency are a few rewards just for completing the training mission to level up faster and unlock fighters, respectively.

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