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Collect Samples For Gray Zone Warfare “It’s In The Water” Quest

Demonstrate your extraction skills in the lakeside area.


  • It’s in the water mission requires players to collect three samples in Ban Pa.
  • The mission is part of Lab Rat Vendor, who provides special kits for sample collection.
  • Blood Packs are the rewards for completing the quest, which can increase blood level and cure Dizziness.

Right when you join any faction in Gray Zone Warfare, you will get assigned with multiple quests.

It’s in the Water is Mithras Security System quest, one of the tactical shooter’s three factions.

Players can still get the same quest even if they are part of a different faction where the objective is identical.

It’s In The Water Mission In Gray Zone Warfare To Extract Three Samples

Lab Rat, one of the important NPCs, assigns players It’s in the Water quest, where they must collect multiple samples from different locations.

The Vendor also grants other quests, including Lost and Found, and Meds Wanted, with a handful of rewards.

The medical Vendor will also provide special kits for completing quests, including It’s in the Water.

Avian Tissue Sample

Players can find the first Sample in the Ban Pa on the map coordinates (205 136).

ban pa its in the water
Follow the coordinates on the Ban Pa map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The location contains multiple enemies, so be careful when you collect the Sample from the Wooden Aviary just above the cart.

Collect Sample by clicking F. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will find cafe-type settings with an eye symbol for one of the huts, so extracting the Avian Tissue Sample won’t be an issue.

Water Sample

To collect the water sample, you must search for a well close to the Ban Pa warehouse with a Red Jerrycan on the top and a blue cover.

gray zone warfare water sample
Collect the Sample from the well. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Reaching the sample location requires you to cross the trial or reach the middle of the grid on the left of the map coordinates (205 137).

Ground Sample

To collect the third and last Sample, you must look around for a bulk of Sand close to the Lake on Ban Pa.

The map coordinates for the Ground Sample is (206 137) after heading south from LZ India 1.

its in the water sample gray zone warfare
Collect the Sample from the soil. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After collecting all the samples, you must return to Lab Rat to complete the quest and get the following rewards;

  • 3 Small Blood Pack
  • $6300
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Lab Rat Reputation

While completing any quests, players get reputation points from the NPC assigned to them.

Players can use the blood packs to Spike Blood levels and prevent themselves from falling into a Coma or cure dizziness.

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