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Complete The Ravenholdt Introduction Quest If Honor Among Thieves Rune Is Bugged In WoW Classic

Team work makes the dream work.


  • Honor Among Thieves Rune does not register any critical damages made by allies.
  • Blizzard recently released a hotfix patch to addressing the issue on Among Thieves.
  • Make sure to complete entire “C” questline and Ravenholdt Introduction Quest.

Honor Among Thieves is a Helm Rune for the Rogue class in Season of Discovery in the WoW Classic of Blizzard is currently bugged.

Honor Among Thieves Rune works when the player in your party critically hits with a spell or ability, players receive a combo point.

However, players have complained that the rune did not trigger once while doing their Hinterlands Elite Troll quest.

Key Features Of The Honor Among Thieves Rune

You can acquire Honor Among Thieves Rune, a passive rune by reaching a minimum level of 45 in WoW Classic.

For a Rogue Tank build, it’s best to recommend using the Helm slot for this particular rune.

Rogue is a lightly armored class that specializes in melee damage. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Users gain a combo on combo point on their current target when their teammate critically hits with a spell or ability, that does not trigger from auto attacks.

However, this effect only triggers from members within your group, not the members across the entire raid.

Players Feedback On Bugged Honor Among Thieves Rune

Players have been complaining on Blizzard’s official forum and other platforms about the bugged Honor Among Thieves Rune.

They also complained that they did not receive any mail upon reaching a major city and there was nowhere to go.

Many Players did not receive One Combo Point each second even when they were in a group of 5 and only gained 1 combo second every 4 seconds.

While some players complained that Honor of Thieves is not generating any combo points at all.

Moreover, the rune stops working if players try to gain a combo point on an ally or have their target die from a critical ability.

Recent Updates And Fixes By Blizzard Entertainment

Upon a lot of requests, Blizzard actively investigated the issue on the rune and worked on a fix.

On April 8, they released a small hotfixes patch that balanced a lot of items and heroes.

Blizzard mentioned that they have fixed the bug causing Among Thieves stoppage and also stated that they will no longer consider the Rogue or their allies flagged for PvP.

They also addressed the issue where carnage used to fall off while Rank 4 Rupture was active.

Moreover, they also mentioned that they have also fixed Loganaar, the Moonglade Druid trainer who was noticed to be disappearing.

However, Blizzard is yet to fix the issue of Among Thieves rune where it does not register the critical hits made by allies.

Quest Steps For Honor Among Thieves

To begin the quest of Honor Among Thieves you will need to have completed The Manor, Ravenholdt, and have Revenholdt’s reputation unlocked.

Upon reaching Level 45, you will need to enter a major city where you will receive a mail to talk to Fahrad.

Head over to the Ravenholdt Manor and find Fahrad; he will fill you in on the mysterious “C” and what he is up to.

Fahrad, the black dragon savior of Wrathion, affiliates with Lord Jorach Ravenholdt. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Next, head to Zul’Farrak in Tanaris solo to complete this quest; Search tents to find two Clay Vessels containing Vile Concotions.

Moreover, you will need to return to Ravenholdt Manor and take the Talisman of Kazdor to Zan Shivsproket in the basement.

Take the Modified Talisman to the dead dop in Pyrewood Village and return to Fahrad to receive Rune of the Coterie and Filcher’s Cowl.

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