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Cure Coma By Spiking Blood Level In Gray Zone Warfare

Resurrect your teammate instantly.


  • Coma is a medical condition caused by low blood level in Gray Zone Warfare.
  • Players can use Blood Pack and Surgure Kit to increase the Blood level and cure coma.
  • Bleeding, fainting, broken Bone, coughing, wounded organ, and sore arm are other conditions.

Grayzone is a first-person tactical shooter with multiple modes in an open world that includes several quests and tasks.

When you join a military company and start your journey on the battlefield, the combat may not always be on your side.

You or your teammate can get hurt by an enemy’s shot or even be in a coma due to various causes.

Spike Blood Level To Cure Coma In Gray Zone Warfare

Coma in Gray Zone Warfare is very similar to real-time; you get unconscious for a long time, but thankfully, there’s a cure in the FPS shooter.

The factor that drops players into a coma is the blood level; if the blood drops below the yellow line or reaches half, they will instantly be in a coma.

Hence, you should always keep an eye on that blood level to avoid dizziness and carry a blood pack.

healing teammates gray zone warfare
Maintain blood level using the blood pack. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, you must consider one thing before reviving your friends from a coma is your utlilities should be in your pocket or the rig.

You won’t be able to heal players or yourself from the backpack; as a result, you or the teammate can die of coma.

lab rat small blood bad gray zone warfare
Use the blood bag to cure the coma. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Before providing the cure for coma, ensure to use painkillers to cover the wound.

For coma, You can easily tab H via the quick access menu and use the Surge Kit/Blood Bag to avoid unnecessary death.

Moreover, if your companion is injured, you can try examining the Ankle part to heal and examine them.

Medical Condition And Cure in Gray Zone Warfare

The conditions in the tactical shooter are quite vast, so you should have the medical supply for all of them. Here are the conditions and cure;

Hurt Meloxicam, Ibalin
In painMeloxicam, Ibalin
Exhausted Avoid Sprinting, Rest
Out Of BreathAvoid Sprinting
BleedingTourniquet, Bandage
Fainting Heal Wound and use Blood Pack, Energy Drink
FatiqueAvoid Sprinting
Sore ArmRest for a while
DizzinessBlood Pack, Water
CoughingSuture Kit
Broken BoneSuture Kit
Wounded OrganBlood Pack, Suture Kit
ComaBlood Pack, Surture Kit
InflammationMeloxicam, Ibalin

Returning to the base alone won’t immediately start the cure; you should have enough medical supplies in the inventory.

You can easily get the items from the Lab Rats medical Vendor or complete quests such as Meds Wanted.

lab rat gray zone warfare
Buy medical supplies from Lab Rat. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can also trade some medical kits, such as painkillers and Suture Kits if they are out of cash.

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