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Decipher Message Where Is Karl With The Binary Translator In Helldivers 2

Unravel the secret code.


  • Binary code in Helldivers 2 holds the key to unlock hidden lore and secret objectives of the game,
  • Decipher the code and its real meaning being a Helldivers 2 binary translator guide.
  • It serves as a clue for an upcoming storyline, a hidden Easter egg, or simply a playful enigma.

In Helldivers 2, with the return of the menacing Automatons, there is an intriguing twist: Binary code.

These cryptic strings of 0s and 1s hold the key to unlock hidden lore and secret objectives of the game.

Thus, play the quest to decipher the code and uncover the real meaning behind these messages being a Helldivers 2 binary translator guide.

The Binary Message From Helldivers 2’s Twitter Handle

The first intercepted automaton message, the binary code in Helldivers 2 was: 01000001 01001000.

When translated from binary translator in Helldivers 2, this message reads as “AH“.

Some players have speculated that it stands for “Attack Humanity,” while others find it amusing that the robots might just be screaming.

Automaton message
Community forum post on First Automaton message.

Similarly, players recently uncovered a secret message that appeared briefly on the game’s official Twitter account.

With the binary translator, it revealed this unexpected query, sparking speculation among the Helldivers 2 community.

The original binary code was: 0101011101001000010001010101001001000101001000000100100101010011001000000100101101000001010100100100110000111111.

When decoded, it translates to “Where is Karl?“.

The mysterious binary code in Helldivers 2 has indeed initiated the curiosity of the community.

Whether it serves as a clue for an upcoming storyline, a hidden Easter egg, or simply a playful enigma, one thing is certain: it has captured the attention of Helldivers players worldwide. 

helldivers2 binary translator
Community forum on binary code in Helldivers 2.

Developers Saying On The Binary Code And Message

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios, known for their role as the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in the Helldivers universe, responded to questions about the message.

Their statement clarified that the “Karl” transmission was not an “illegal Automaton broadcast” but rather a minor technical glitch caused by a systems fault.

They advised followers to dismiss the incident and move on. Here’s their official tweet:

The Ministry of Truth would like to dispel any rumors that Super Earth deep-range transmissions were intercepted with an illegal Automaton broadcast today. SEAF comms teams identified a minor systems fault that resulted in a quick burst of static interference. Please disregard.”

binary translator helldivers 2
A Tweet on Binary message by Helldivers.

Despite this explanation, many Helldivers fans are speculating widely due to the message’s unusual content and Arrowhead’s track record of surprising elements in the game.

Players are currently inspecting into who exactly ‘Karl’ is and what role he might play in the game’s story.

Helldivers 2 Binary Message Is Connected To Deep Rock Galactic

There seems to be a connection between the message and another cooperative shooter, Deep Rock Galactic.

In that game, “Karl” is an esteemed, unseen dwarf miner adored by player characters.

The official Deep Rock Galactic Twitter account added to the speculation by responding to the Helldiver’s tweet with “we don’t know either,” written in binary code. 

Deep Rock Galactic
A reply by Deep Rock Galactic to Helldivers Binary message.

Generally, DRG is a galactic mineral harvesting and refining company. Their primary focus is securing dangerous dig sites. 

Many players are interpreting this exchange as a playful crossover between the two games.

Surprisingly, “Karl” maybe a new character, a hidden reference, or something else entirely.

However, the Helldivers community is concerned about the code and is trying to decipher the truth behind this cryptic message.

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