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Defeat Blood Maiden In Diablo 4 “A Voice In The Night” Quest

Impressing Soudeh yet again.


  • Players must complete the Epilogue to get any of the Season Of Loot Reborn quests in Diablo 4.
  • After achieving Honor Rank 9 by completing the previous tasks, you can take the ” A Voice in the Night” quest.
  • The main objective of this mission is to kill the Blood Maiden in the Necrotic Tomb.

A Voice in the Night” is one of the quests of Diablo 4 for the Season Of Loot Reborn, released on March 14, 2024.

This season offers multiple quests for the players, offering them exciting rewards after successful completion.

The Helltide Rises, Call of the Wolves, and The Wooden Wolf are some of the previous quests of the Loot Reborn season.

Diablo 4 “A Voice in the NightQuest To Kill The Blood Maiden

Diablo 4 Season of Reborn focuses on the Iron Wolves Faction with the field commander, The Anvil.

The field commander, Soudeh, will guide players in most of the quests of this season.

To unlock the “A Voice in the Night” quest in Diablo 4, the player must achieve the Honor Rank 9 with the Iron Wolves.

The following steps will guide you to complete the Diablo 4 quest ” A Voice in the Night.”

Speak With Soudeh

To start the ” A Voice in the Night” mission, you must first speak with the Iron Wolves field commander, Soudeh.

You will find Soudeh in the Iron Wolves Encampment, where she will provide details about the quest after your complete “A Gift Of Robes.”

Soudeh in diablo 4 a voice in the night
Speak with Soudeh to start the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

She will ask you to be ready for action and meet her at Low Desert, as the demon is hunting Iron Wolf members.

Meet Soudeh At Low Desert

After speaking with Soudeh, you must meet her at the Low Desert per her order. In this quest, the player will participate alongside the commander.

Inside Low Dester, you will pass through Pase Sands and Central Plateau, hunting enemies, as demons are not the only ones hunting iron wolves.

low desert at diablo 4
Enter the low desert and speak with Soudeh. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After making some kills, you get a chance to talk with Soudeh, and she will guide you further, taking you to the Necrotic Tomb.

Enter And Explore The Necrotic Tomb

Once you enter the Necrotic Tomb, you will encounter various monsters, such as Bilefiend and Flesh Thresher.

The commander of the find will fight alongside you with these monsters at the tomb.

iron gate
Enter through the iron gate. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After you break the iron gate and kill all the monsters from the area; you will receive some coins after killing each one.

There, you will find a demon with enormous wings tied in the air, which will be the boss, Blood Maiden.

Kill The Blood Maiden

Killing the Blood Maiden is the most challenging part of the quest; thus, you must be careful.

Using your collection’s strongest weapon and utilities to defeat Blood Maiden will be wise, as the enemy seems to have much more power than the other monsters around.

Focusing on the necromancer minion build will be great as it is one of the best classes to choose in season 4 to defeat any level bosses.

Blood Maiden
Defeat Blood Maiden to complete the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After successfully defeating the boss, you will get the chance to loot the following items as a reward,

  • Coven’s Slippers
  • War Sword
  • Sand-Worn Cover
  • Gothic Blade
  • Heavy Gloves
  • Scimitar

After collecting the items, you need to speak with the Soudeh and she will take you to the base and reward you with 19,032 Experience Points and 2,100 coins.

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