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Destiny 2 “Liminality” Mission To Uncover The Long-Buried Past

Unveil the Veiled Statue.


  • Liminality is one of the quests of Destiny 2’s latest DLC: The Final Shape, where players must advance through the pass.
  • The main objective of the Liminality quest is to clear the path of the blighted pass and find the long-buried past.
  • Players must complete the series of objectives to succeed in the mission, including breaking Lucent Seals and activating the Ahamkara Skulls.

The recently launched expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape offers multiple quests, new exotics, and locations.

The Liminality quest in Destiny 2 is one of the missions that starts at The Pale Heart.

NPCs have seen a Tormentor guarding the pass. Thus, players must take the Tormentor out and advance through the pass to complete the mission.

Locate The Veiled Statue And Investigate In Destiny 2 Quest “Liminality

Guardian, Cayde, and Crow have scouted several potential paths to bring players closer to the witness through the Liminality mission.

Players should start exploring the Impasse in the Pale Heart until they reach the Abscess.

liminality destiny 2
Advance through the pass. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should simply push forward, follow the Diamond marker by defeating enemies, including Acolytes, and complete the next objective by killing Lucent Hive.

Once you overcome the Hive, you should drain the Purulence next to unlock the path.

Break Lucent Seals

After you drain the purulence, you will get another objective: to break the lucent seals from the abscess-restricted zone.

 Lucent Seals in destiny 2
Break to Lucent Seals to move forward. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will find Lucent seals there, which you need to break. Players can rapidly defeat 9 combatants with a weapon using primary ammo to break the seals.

Players can break the seals by defeating the enemies and following the task from the dialogue box.

Once you break all the seals, you need to move forward to achieve the new objective.

Activate The Ahamkara Skulls With Taken Energy

For this objective, you need to find out the Taken Essence and place it in the Ahamakara Skull to activate it.

Skull destiny 2
Collect the Taken Energy to activate the skulls. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

While collecting the Taken Essence, you may encounter some formidable enemies who may cause difficulty in your way. Thus, be careful.

Once you have defeated some of the enemies, you will receive a message with the words,” A skull is invoked.” This marks the completion of the objective.

As soon as you receive the message, leave the place and move forward with the new assignment.

Investigate the Veiled Statue

You will face many enemies around the Veiled statue; thus, there is a sub-objective within this objective: survival.

Statue in destiny 2
Defeat the enemies and investigate the area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Around the statue, you need to watch Tormentor, who is likely to be found around the area guarding the pass.

Once you encounter the Tormentor, you need to defeat it, which will lead toward the mission’s end.

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