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Destiny 2 “Luzaku” In Convalescence: Rootbound And Destined Heroes

An effective change in loyalty.


  • In The Final Shape, Luzaku has Black Fleet at the Witch Queen’s command and is drawn to the Traveler’s Light.
  • Luzaku is seeking a purpose beyond the Hive’s destructive goals, possibly indicating a shift in her allegiance or a deeper personal quest for meaning.
  • Luzaku appears in the Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign such as Message Part II, Convalescence: Rootbound and Destined Heroes.

In Destiny 2: The Final ShapeLuzaku is a Hive Lightbearer who stands out as a friendly figure rather than an enemy.

Luzaku is a fascinating character because she leaves the typical Hive’s allegiance to the Darkness.

Instead, she aligns herself with the Light, opposing the Hive’s traditional views and their mission to eradicate Guardians.

Who Is Luzaku In Destiny 2?

In The Final Shape, the Witch Queen commands Luzaku to infiltrate the Black Fleet, where she is drawn to the Traveler’s Light and opens it, finding it full of life.

In the game, Luzaku is a reflective and nurturing character and identifies her as the one who is challenging toward what she calls the “all-aged lie.”

But Luzaku is searching for meaning greater than the Horde’s ruinous plans, which might signal an effective sea change in loyalty or a deeper personal quest.

luzaku destiny 2
Luzaku is drawn to the Traveler’s Light. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Significantly, her dialogues reveal a desire to preserve and plan for something higher. This could indicate a crucial part of the game’s events.

Luzaku’s view of not agreeing with the actions of her kin and her inability to control them reinforces her unique position as a Hive who does not conform to the collective mindset.

Role Of Luzaku In Destiny 2 Quests

Luzaku appears in the Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign that includes several missions such as Message Part II, Convalescence: Rootbound and Destined Heroes.

The Destined Heroes 

You can Start the Quest by speaking with your Ghost in the Lost Tower to claim your campaign rewards and begin the quest.

Go to the Old Tower in The Lost City and investigate the strange radio transmission. Then, investigate Savathûn’s Lucent Hive near the portal.

talk to ghost
Speak with your Ghost in the Lost Tower. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, speak to Micah-10 via her conduit in the Arbor of Light. Head back to The Lost City and have a conversation with Cayde-6.

Significantly, you’ll need to complete the “Lost in the Light” and “Found in the Dark” quests.

Contrarily, the quest has a total of nine steps, which may take some time to finish due to the need to collect resources and complete various activities

Convalescence: Rootbound

Navigate to The Pale Heart region, look for The Landing region, and head south to the Forgotten Deep Lost Sector.

Similar to the campaign, locate the three light wells that grant you the Light Shield Breaker buff and destroy the crystal when you have all three.

Defeat the Lucent Hive by destroying their Ghosts before you can defeat them.

Light Shield Breaker  destiny 2
Locate the three light wells. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

At the end of the Lost Sector, defeat the Hive Lieutenant. Then, look for a large tree; the missing Ghost should be next to the tree on the platform.

After interacting with the Ghost, return to the Lost City inside the Pale Heart and investigate the Arbor formation close to where you initially spoke with Micah-10.

Finally, discuss the Ghost’s damage with Micah-10 to conclude the Convalescence: Rootbound quest and unlock more activities in Destiny 2.

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