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Divided Prismatic Key In Destiny 2 To Unlock The Chest

Light up the machine.


  • Prismatic keys are crucial to unlock chests scattered around different locations in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.
  • Once you fulfill specific requirements, you will get Prismatic keys, including Divided, Transgressive, and Overgrowth.
  • The Divided Prismatic Key can be found in the expansion’s New Location: The Pale Heart.

Destiny2: The Final Shape is the newly launched expansion of the MMO game. It offers various quests and key elements to enhance players’ adventures.

Prismatic Fragments are an element in Destiny 2 that contributes to the guardians’ overall growth.

Players can get these fragments as a reward or from the chest, which they can unlock through the prismatic key.

Obtain Divided Prismatic Key In Destiny 2 By Defeating The Subjugator Boss

The Divided Prismatic Key is essential for accessing a special chest containing Prismatic Fragments.

Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 are a new type of collectible item introduced in the Final Shape expansion.

They are crucial for Guardians looking to harness the full potential of the Prismatic subclass, which allows for the combination of Light and Darkness abilities.

Chest in Destiny 2
Search for the key to unlock the chest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Additionally, Prismatic Fragments are used to enhance your Guardian’s abilities, offering unique buffs and modifications.

There are all together 21 prismatic fragments you can collect. However, you must need the Prismatic Key to unlock the Chest containing the fragments.

How To Get The Divided Prismatic Key In Destiny 2?

Players can find the Divided Prismatic Key around the Landing Zone of The Impasse of The Pale Heart.

Once you are in the Impasse, you need to move towards The Divide, where you will find the Key.

Inside the area, you will see a big window with broken glasses filled with big snowflakes; enter from the window to find the machine.

Machine in pale heart
Interact with a machine to get the cannon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You need to interact with the machine to get the Scorch Cannon; these will help you break the ice piles and get the elemental arc charger.

After you break the ice piles, you will obtain the arc charger and use it to charge the Taken Deposit Machine.

Your main task is to charge the machine until it reaches 10 green lines. You can use an arc charger, a Void Charger, or Solar power.

Void  charger in destiny 2
Pick up the Void Charger. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

These items are scattered around the vicinity; you must collect them to charge the machine.

While you are searching for these items, you must be careful of the enemies, as they will shoot you to disturb your mission.

Furthermore, players must charge two machines to disturb the Subjugator boss, who will hold the Key you need.

Divided Pirismatice Key in Destiny 2
Divided Pirismatice Key. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Thus, you must defeat the Boss to get the Divided Prismatic Key and unlock the Chest.

Once you get the Key, you can unlock the special Prismatic Chest within the Pale Heart. Upon opening the Chest, you will receive Prismatic Fragments.

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