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Dog Obstructing Feline In Different Locations Of Little Kitty Big City

Help Feline reach home.


  • Players need to solve the puzzle of “Little Kitty Big City” by finding the bones to distract territorial dogs.
  • Players must sneak past barking dogs by placing items strategically and using platforming skills to a high level.
  • Bones are hidden behind green vines, under trees, and in construction zones.

In “Little Kitty Big City“, some dogs guarding their territory annoys Feline barking and hamper a curious journey.

Generally, Feline is a small, curious black cat but these dogs create him an obstacle.

As a result of this obstacle, the game becomes a puzzle where players must search the city for bones to please these loud sentries.

Little Kitty Big City Dog Location

In Little Kitty Big Cit, the dog across the city guard their territory and bark very loudly in this game.

To quiet them down and get moving, you must find bones littered across the city and feed them to the dogs to distract them.

cat Little Kitty Big City
Dogs create felines, an obstacle. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Look Around Green Vines For The First Dog

To bypass the first dog, you need to find a bone that is located somewhere behind some lush green vines.

Immediately after you find the bone, you need to hop onto the roof of a nearby van.

Significantly, you will probably require platforming skills as you have to jump down to the right from the top of the van.

When you finally climb onto the van, you will see a plate strategically placed to catch the dog.

Finally, if you drop the bone onto this plate, you will see the dog involved with its food to notice you, giving you an opportunity to sneak by.

dog location
The first dog is around the green vines. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Look Under A Tree For The Second Dog

You can find the second dog near Kitty’s home, under a tree. Thus, look for a tree in this area; a bone is tucked away under it.

Consequently, you need to pick up the bone and transfer it to the dog’s plate.

Once you place the bone on the plate, the dog will stop barking, and you can continue your journey without any barking noises to distract you.

barking dog little kitty big city
The dog will stop barking once you place the bone on the plate. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Construction Zone For The Third Dog

You will find the third dog in an area that looks like an abandoned construction zone. To find the bone, you need to crawl through the hole in the iron gate

After you find the bone, you’ll need to find your way around the construction site and climb up some wooden crates to get to the bone.

Further, you must repeat the same process as before: climb down carefully and place the bone on the dog’s plate.

find the crow
Find the Crow. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Like the previous two, the bone will distract this dog, so you can bypass it.

Unlock The Climbing Ability In Little Kitty Big City

In “Little Kitty, Big City,” one of the most essential abilities for reaching the locations of these bones is the climbing ability.

To unlock the climbing ability, you must first collect 25 Shinnies. These shiny objects scatter throughout the game world.

You can find these shinnies in various locations, often hidden or in plain sight as you explore the city.

Once you have collected all the required number of Shinnies, you need to find the Crow.

eat sih
Eat fish for the climbing ability. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The crow will exchange these Shinnies for a special fish; eating it will grant you the climbing ability.

This ability will allow you to climb ivy-covered walls and other vertical surfaces, reaching higher places and finding more bones to distract the dogs.

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