Dragons Dogma 2: Find Sebastian In House Of The Blue Sunbright To Get Harspud Roborant

Capcom introducing Doppelgangers In RPG now?

Find Sebastian Dragons Dogma 2
Replace Sebastian with his Doppelganger. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)


  • To find Sebastian’s look-alike in the Slums in House of the Blue Sunbright quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • Aid Sebastian with a few Medicines and Cyclops with the assistance of the Vendor.
  • Obtain Harspud Roborant to generate 600 Stamina which sells for 550G.

In the House of the Blue Sunbright, players are not just assigned to Find one Sebastian but also His look alike.

House of the Blue Sunbright triggers right after finishing The Gift of Giving and interacting with the Quest provider, Diana.

The side quest’s main objective is to aid Sebastian to Melve, but there lie hefty challenges before you reach the endpoint.

How To Find Sebastian Look Alike In Dragons Dogma 2?

Finding Sebastian is the sixth objective in the House of the Blue Sunbright quest; however, initially, you must complete a few tasks before reaching the quest;

Approach Diana In Venworth And Find Sebastian Look Alike

Diana, Sebastian’s assistant, resides in the Townsend Estate, Venworth, just Opposite the Noble Quarter.

Vernworth Townsend Estate
Head to the Townends state in Vensworth. (Souurce : Screen Plays Mag)

Diana and her master will request players to find Sebastian look-alike and guard the Estate temporarily in Dragons Dogma 2.

Finding Sebastians’s Doppelganger is tough, but you can easily find one in the Slum area.

You must meet Daphne, the look-alive, convince her, and escort her back to the Manor.

Slum Sebastian look alike
Head to the red mark on the Map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Help Sebastian Prepare

Follwing the Escort, Diana will request players to help Sebastian prepare by aiding necessary supplies;

  • Medicine for sleep
  • Medicine for blight
  • Something that reeks of Cyclops

The instructions do not seem crystal clear, but they include getting Walking Powder, Detoxifying Medication, and a Mishapen eye.

Players can easily get the items from Philbert Sundrie’s, the Vendor in Venworth.

Dextoxifying Decoction
Buy the necessary items from the Venworth Vendor. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If players are short of Gold or are not willing to spend a penny, they can even prepare the item through a recipe.

Delivering the three items to Sebastian will trigger a new objective: Wait a day or so, then return to the manor.

To overcome the objective, players must rest at Private Dwelling(Common Quarter) until Morning.

Further, right after the Sunrise, players need to prepare for Townsend’s state in the Manor and celebrate Sebastian’s return.

A small cut scene will appear, which marks the completion of House of the Blue Sunbright.

Two Fine Harspud Roborant, 3000 Gold, and 900 XP are a few rewards for completing Sebastian’s sidequest.


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