Earn Free Stickers In Monopoly Go With Quick Wins And Events

Stop spending a single penny on stickers.

monpoly go free sticker


  • Stickers are often associated with achievement and challenges within the game.
  • Focus on completing specific tasks and meeting certain objectives as it will reward you with unique stickers.
  • Easiest ways to earn free stickers are daily challenges, tournaments and free shop items.

If you earn free stickers, you do not have to spend your real money on purchasing the stickers from the in-game shop.

In Monopoly Go, you can earn free stickers through Quick wins, colorful sets, community chests, tournaments, milestone events, etc.

The free sticker helps to complete the sticker album, earn rewards, unlock new features, trade, exchange, or use them to get items, boosters, etc, in the game. 

How To Earn Free Stickers In Monopoly Go?

Collecting stickers is an essential part of completing the sticker album in Monopoly Go.

As you try to own lots of properties and make a big empire in the game, collecting stickers comes as an exciting challenge.

However, you must purchase stickers with real money from the in-game shop to complete your sticker album.

But the good news is that there are numerous ways that you can earn stickers for free in Monopoly Go.

Quick wins free stickers
You can earn a pink sticker pack when you complete all the challenges in Quick Wins of Monopoly Go.

The process of getting free stickers in Monopoly Go makes the game even more fun and strategic.

Besides, you do not even have to spend your money to buy stickers in the game to fill up your sticker album.

The multiple ways to earn free stickers in Monopoly Go are as follows:

Earn Free Stickers From Daily Treats

The simplest way to earn stickers is by logging into Monopoly Go daily and redeeming your daily treats.

These treats often include stickers, allowing you to gradually build your sticker collection over time.

Thus, a small effort can yield big rewards for your sticker album which consists of the Golden stickers.

Collect Daily Win

Another easy way to collect stickers for free is to claim the Daily Wins by tapping the Wins button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Filling the bar will also give you a 5-star pack, but win collection is the key.

Spinning Wheels

You can spin the Wheel on a daily basis for a chance to win rewards, including the Stickers.

But first, you must upgrade your landmarks and land your dice on a colored segment consisting of hotels.

Free Shop Items Give Free Stickers

You have a fair chance of getting free stickers from the in-game shop in Monopoly Go so keep an eye on the free items.

When you keep browsing the shop, you will get a free sticker pack that you can open every eight hours.

This simple trick guarantees a regular flow of stickers, which is an effective way to grow your collection.

Tournaments And Milestone Events

Participating in Monopoly Go tournaments and milestone events is the best way to earn free sticker packs.

When you land on Railways, finish shutdowns, or do Bank heists, you earn points and unlock milestone rewards.

These milestone rewards often consist of free dice rolls and sticker packs with free stickers.

In addition, in the Milestones Events, you must land on specific tiles around the board to earn prizes that include free stickers.

Daily Challenges And Quick Wins

Completing the daily challenges in the Quick Wins also allows you to earn sticker packs.

Furthermore, you can obtain the special pink sticker pack if you keep up with the weekly challenges in Quick Wins.

Play With Friends For Free Stickers

Playing with friends is a simple and fun way of collecting free stickers in Monopoly Go as you can access the community chests.

If you open Community Chests with at least nine friends, there’s a chance you could win a special pink sticker pack.

Complete Colorful Sets

Spinning the wheel in Monopoly Go can earn you free stickers.

So to get to spin a wheel you must finish sets of colorful properties on your board.

To complete color sets you must build properties on your board.

Each property you build will add a house to your board and once a tile has five houses it will become a hotel.

If the entire color set has hotels it will give you a wheel spin when you land on them.

spin the wheel for free stickers
You must complete color sets in Monopoly Go to get two chances to spin the wheel which can give you a free green sticker pack.

After completing the color sets you must look out for wheel boost to get two wheel spins.

The wheel spins will allow you to get even more stickers as you build and upgrade properties.

Thus, you can earn a green sticker pack as your reward when you spin the wheel in Monopoly Go.

Exchange Duplicate Stickers

As you progress in the game you can earn the same stickers many times.

So, if you have stickers that are the same, you can trade them in for prizes and other stickers.

For instance, if you have two pink stickers and your friend has two blue stickers then you can trade your pink sticker with his blue sticker.

Hence, it’s an easy way to use up duplicate stickers and get more dice and rewards.


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