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Enhance Resonator’s Skills With Simulation Training Store In Wuthering Waves

Complete a series of trials.


  • The Simulation Training Store in Wuthering Waves is a feature where players can access various training modules.
  • The Simulation Training Store in “Wuthering Waves” is located in Jinzhou.
  • To access it, you need to complete certain trials within the game.

In “Wuthering Waves,” a Simulation Training Store for every Resonator represents both challenge and growth.

Generally, Resonators are the central characters that players can control in the adventures.

However, this feature is for Resonators is more than a shop. It is a place for sharpening abilities, creating strategies, and creating legends.

Simulation Training Store In Wuthering Waves

The Simulation Training Store is a feature that lets players access various training modules.

Generally, these modules help players enhance their skills and abilities in the game.

The store likely offers items or services that facilitate or enhance the simulation training experience.

For example, players might be able to purchase upgrades or special items that can be used within the training simulations.

resonator growth wuthering waves
Simulation Training Store is a challenge and growth for every Resonator. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Where Can You Find Simulation Training Store In Wuthering Waves?

The Simulation Training Store in is located in Jinzhou. To access it, you need to complete some trials within the game.

Moreover, this will allow you to obtain materials for the Resonator upgrade and its development.

You need to complete specific missions or reach a certain level within the game to unlock it.

  • Progress through the game until you reach the required level or complete the necessary missions.
  • Leave the Academy and the city to use your waveplates for Simulation Training.
  • After leaving the city, find Yhan, it has a blue icon on the top right menu of your game interface.
  • Click on the Yhan icon to access the Simulation Training Store.
The Simulation Training Store
The Simulation Training Store is located in Jinzhou. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Trials Required To Access The Simulation Training Store

You need to complete a series of trials, however, they will test your mastery of the game’s mechanics.

These trials challenge your combat skills, strategic thinking, and understanding of the game’s Echo System.

Combat Proficiency: It will test your ability to engage in combat using the characters, or Resonators, that you’ve collected and trained.

Strategic Use Of Echoes: The trials may require you to demonstrate effective use of the Echo System, which involves the strategic deployment of echoes to enhance your abilities.

Resource Management: You’ll need to manage your Stamina, known as Waveplate, efficiently to complete the trials without running out of this crucial resource.

item Simulation Training Store
Items available in Simulation Training Store. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Contrarily, completing these trials will not only grant you access to the Simulation Training Store.

Further, it will provide you with various leveling materials for your character, weapons, and echoes

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