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“Evacuation Question” And “Crime Doesn’t Pay” Quests In Gray Zone Warfare Fort Narith Location

Yet another missing case in Fort Narith.


  • “Evacuation Question” starts at Fort Narith for investigation of any orders related to UNLRA activities in Gray Zone Warfare.
  • The objective is to retrieve the Evacuation Orders from Fort Narith and reporting it back to Artisan.
  • For “Crime Doesn’t Pay” Task, players should discover Deesabun Nguyen’s situation.

Artisan, the mechanic and the Lamang expert, offers you “Evacuation Questions” in Gray Zone Warfare.

UNLRA evacuated most of the island’s residents, but Fort Narith locals were left behind, according to the Vendor.

As a result, Artisan cannot find them anywhere and is hiring you to find out what happened to those people.

Look For UNLRA Orders ForEvacuation Question” In Gray Zone Warfare

Artisan hires you for the Evacuation Question task with the aim of retrieving the orders from Fort Narith and reporting them back to her.

You must travel to Fort Narith for investigation and look for any orders related to UNLRA activities nearby.

The Vendor suggests players look in the barracks since the officers who were staying there must have received a copy.

Reach Fort Narith

Players should Head towards Fort Narith on the Southwest in the map coordinates (141 131).

Fort Narith Barracks gray zone warfare
Head towards the Fort Narith Barracks. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, you should head toward the Southern Entrance of Fort Narith and access the door.

door on the southern entrance
Get inside of the door. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Ensure that you enter the A112 door on your right shortly after entering the main entrance.

evacuation question gray zone warfare
Inside the A112 door, you’ll find the Evacuation orders. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will see the Evacuation folders on the table. Pick up the Evacuation Orders and return to your base to complete the Evacuation Question task.

evacuation folders
Pick up the letter from the desk. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The rewards on completion of Artisan’s Evacuation Question task are as follows:

  • Mosin(S)
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 200 Artisan’s Reputation

“Crime Doesn’t PayIn Gray Zone Warfare To Find Deesabun Nguyen

For the task, Crime Doesn’t Pay, Artisan wants you to go to the Midnight Sapphire and look for an employee, Deesabun Nguyen, who disappeared mysteriously.

The mechanic suggests you try looking for employees residing in areas in the South of the Golf club.

Visit Midnight Sapphire

This task aims to search the Midnight Sapphire and uncover what happened to Deesabun Nguyen.

Further, to start the investigation, head towards the Midnight Sapphire, west of Fort Narith, and land at Hotel 3.

midnight sapphire gray zone warfare
Head towards the Midnight Sapphire. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Search For The Body

Once you get to Hotel 3, head towards the northeast side and reach map coordinates (168 165).

You will reach a single-story building, where you should enter the 3rd Door of the Hotel from the left and the 2nd door from the right.

3rd door gray zone warfare
Head towards the 3rd Door of the Hotel from the left. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you enter the door, you’ll see a dead body on the chair with the Purple T-shirt; who is Deesabun Ngygen.

the body gray zone warfare
Search for the man in the purple T-shirt. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The rewards for the completion of the Crime Doesn’t Pay quest are:

  • 2 AKMN
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Artisan Reputation

Players can use experience points to level up their characters, which unlocks new abilities, improves existing skills, and grants access to advanced equipment and missions.

Similarly, they can trade the items they obtain with other players or sell them and earn currency.

Moreover, players can use the reputation points to unlock exclusive quests, better equipment, and special discounts with vendors.

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