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Experience New Features With Lethal Company V55

Enhance the game’s parkour elements.


  • Lethal Company V55 update introduces the CC Project that provides dynamic moving platforms.
  • The mysterious Liquidation Moon, or Moon 44-Liquidation, teases a new watery environment with floating debris.
  • The Company Cruiser emerges as a potential game-changer, promising a significant movement upgrade.

Lethal Company is set to have a much anticipated update with new ingame features.

In the upcoming updates, the develpers are focused to bring out new features as well as fix some bugs.

With V55, Lethal Company continues to push the boundaries of casual gaming, offering fresh content to attract old as well as newcomers.

Lethal Company V55 Introduces CC Project And Liquidation

The upcoming Lethal Company Version 55 update is set to release on June 25th, but there’s a possibility it might arrive sooner.

It is the latest addition mentioned by the game’s developer, Zeekerss, on their Patreon.

Significantly, it’s expected to bring new challenges and possibly new mechanics to the game.

Lethal Company V55
Lethal Company Version 55 update is set to release on June 25th. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The CC Project

The update V55 will introduce a new feature called the CC, which involves moving platforms.

This mechanic allows players to “stick” to the terrain, similar to how they remain on a ship during takeoff or landing.

It’s designed to enhance the gameplay experience with dynamic movement and stability on moving objects.

Significantly, this project is to enhance the game’s parkour elements, allowing players to stick to moving platforms.

Contrarily, it’s speculated that players can use it in conjunction with the Liquidation moon.

The CC Project
The CC Project involves moving platforms. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Liquidation Moon

The Liquidation moon is also known as Moon 44-Liquidation. It is a secret moon in the game Lethal Company and is raising the interests among players.

The CC is speculated to be part of a new environment called Liquidation, another moon that has been hinted at in the game’s code.

It seems to be a watery landscape with floating debris, which could serve as an obstacle course or a faster route to objectives.

The moon’s features is based on game files, include its size, weather, enemies, and map type.

Although it’s not accessible in the current version of the game, players have explored it through mods and data mining.

Liquidation moon
The Liquidation moon is a secret moon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Company Cruiser

A new vehicle called the Company Cruiser is being introduced, which is expected to be a significant movement upgrade.

It’s not yet confirmed if this vehicle will be available for purchase or as a spawn item, and details about its mechanics.

It is still unsure whether it will need fuel or how it will handle collisions, are still under wraps

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