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Facet Of Dominance In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Capture the light!


  • The Facet of Dominance is the Prismatic Subclass Fragments that increase the Guardian’s combat strategy and capabilities.
  • Players can unlock these fragments by finishing the “Memory: Seclusion of Light” mission in Destiny 2.
  • To get the Memory: Seclusion of Light mission, players must have to complete the Alone in the Dark questline.

Destiny 2’s recent expansion has introduced various exciting features and gameplay elements that boost players’ gaming experience.

The main quest, Prismatic Subclass Fragments, and keys are some of the gameplay components featured in Destiny 2’s new expansion.

The Facet of Dominance is one of the Prismatic Subclass Fragments in this new expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Complete Memory Seclusion Of Light To Get Facet Of Dominance In Destiny 2

The Facet of Dominance is a Prismatic Subclass Fragment in Destiny 2 that enhances your ability to apply light debuffs and achieve Light Transcendence. 

To get these, you must complete the series of missions and sub-objectives. First, you must collect 5 Memory Vestiges light from a glowing enemy in Cyst activities.

alone in the dark in destiny 2
Start with alone in the dark to get the facet of dominance. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you collect the vestiges of lights, you must complete the “Memory: Seclusion of Light” mission, which will later grant you a facet of dominance.

Collect 5 Memory Vestiges Light From Glowing Enemies

Players can start the Alone in Dark Quest from the Impasse of The Pale Hear to collect the Mempory vestige light.

Once you are in the location, complete the series of objectives that appear and progress forward.

Vestige of light  in destiny 2
Collect the vestige of light to progress. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Complete Overthrow Level 1 and Complet Overthrow Level 2 are some objectives you must work on in this mission.

As you progress in the mission, you can collect the Memory Vestiges Light to move forward. However, you might encounter some enemies, so you must be ready for the battle.

Complete Memory Seclusion Of Light

Once you are done with the Memory Vestiges Light, you can unlock the Memory Seclusion Of Light.

Memory seclusion of light
Start the mission from the pale heart. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can travel to The Seclusion of the Plae Heart and follow up on the series of objectives that appear to progress.

In the Seclusion, you will encounter enemies like Taken Captain, Knight, and Blistered Knight. Thus, be prepared.

reward in Destiny 2
Complete the mission to get the reward. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have finished all the objectives and gotten the Prismatic Reward, you will receive the Facet Of Dominance.

Moreover, along with this fragment, players will also receive Traveler’s Resurgence after completing Memory Seclusion Of Light.

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