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Find The Hidden Areas And Unlock Inventor Archetype With Quicksand In Remnant 2

Dodge the arrows.


  • The sandroom is full of quicksand where you’ll get ambushed alongside with shooting arrows.
  • Players need to sink themselves in the quicksand to unlock the inventor archetype.
  • Spirit flute can be merged with other items to unlock the Inventor Archetype.

Remnant 2 doesn’t only make you face dangerous enemies but also against the further-reaching dangers of quicksand.

Quicksand in Remnant 2 is found in the lower floor of Ancient Canopy. It is filled with sand and has a cave-like canyon-type entrance structure.

Meanwhile, players must navigate into sinking sands and dodge traps in the Sand Room of the Ancient Canopy.

Quicksand In Remnant 2: The Sand Room With The Cave Like Entrance

The Sand Room is at lower floor of the Ancient Canopy with the cave-like entrance.

Further, find the place where you’ll be safe from the arrows and the sand won’t drag you down as quickly.

For a few minutes, stand still as you gradually sink into the sand; after enough time, a certain event will drag you down.

Find The Hidden Areas

First of all you need to simply play through the story until you reach before the cliff near the Deserted Atelier.

There you can find a checkpoint with a lever mechanism to lift or lower the stairs along with Atelier.

After the stairs go down using ladders and head to the back of the sand. Then, go between two sand piles and it’ll sink you down.

But this time make sure that you use another path to head back then, after you have to traverse through the map to go down to the edge and below the level.

On the edge of the map, you’ll find a spiral stair that will lead you to a secret room filled with sand.

Ancient Canopy
Pull the lever to lower the staris and Atelier.(Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Find the Spirit Flute

Generally, the room is full of quicksand but the left wall fires darts the whole path down; try avoiding the fire darts, walking through the quicksand.

In addition, the bows will fire you from the walls along the entire way.

The sand room will engulf you to the waist and limit your mobility as it is a quicksand.

Quicksand In Remnant 2
Quicksand will limit your mobility. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can either try to dodge the arrows or stay in the place and not move where arrows can’t reach you.

You’ll see two points at opposite corners where the sand is coming in. Follow the far side to the right and you’ll see two columns of sand falling in, with a scattered rock.

Though the position players stand is important, they will see beside the two sand piles a glowing circle its faint but it’s there.

You’ll see thread like structure glowing flying around a single spot in the size of the body. If you stand in the middle of it, you will sink.

After you sink, you will find your way to another room where you can find the Spirit Flute.

Spirit FLute
You can craft Spirit flute in Wallace 13. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlocking Inventor Archetype

Players need to sink themselves in the quicksand to unlock the inventor archetype.

Finally, when you’re pulled under, you’ll wake up under the secret room where you are facing an altar.

Significantly, you’ll find the Old Flute which is the Spirit Flute, pick it up.

However, players can combine the Spirit flute with other items and unlock the Inventor Archetype.

Now navigate towards the Wallace in Ward 13 and use the Old Flute to transform into the Spirit Flute engram to unlock the Invoker Archetype.

Gaining Disciple Armour Chest

If you are planning to gain a Discipline Armour set, you’ll have to walk through the quicksand dodging the arrows.

After you reach the entrance, you’ll find the corpse that you can loot.

The loot box contains the disciple armour set that you can use to strengthen your armour.

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