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Find Intel In New Neighbours Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Show your capability to extract the footage.


  • In New Neighbours’ quest, players should go to the military location and search for the security footage intel.
  • The New Neighbours quest tests the player’s skill for investigation and vigilance.
  • After completing this quest, players will receive rewards like TC-2000 helmet, experience points, USD, and reputation points.

Gray Zone Warfare is an intense tactical first-person shooter game released on April 30, 2024.

Gray Zone Warfare has three main factions, each offering various quests such as Lost and Found, No Man Left Behind, and New Neighbours.

The faction Mithras Security Systems offers the New Neighbours quest, which requires players to enter and investigate several strategically essential locations.

New Neighbours Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

In the new neighbor’s quest of Gray zone warfare, players must collect any intel they can find and report back to the faction.

First, players should seek out the bunker and the military area, which they can access through LZ Lima 2 (map coordinate: 143-322), as shown in the image below.

New Neighbours Quest first location
Players can start the new neighbor quest through LZ Lima 2. ( Source: Screen Plays mag)

Once you enter the military location, you need to be more careful, as you might see AI with much better armor.

If you encounter any AI armor bots in your way, just kill them and move on to your mission.

Therefore, ensure you are well-prepared with plenty of bullets and armor to face any threats.

way to completing New Neighbours Quest
Players may find some dead bodies and encounter some threats in their way. ( Source: screenplays mag)

Moreover, you should look for specific hideout signs and seek out the intel at a military base by searching the surrounding area as much as possible.

Players will complete the New Neighbours quest requirements in Gray Zone Warfare after locating the security footage tape as intel.

Furthermore, once the intelligence is secured, you can take the opportunity to explore the area for more valuable items.

New Neighbours quest intel
The security footage is the main intel you need to collect. ( Source: screenplays mag)

The primary goal of the quest extends beyond gathering intelligence; it also includes delivering this information to your faction.

Consequently, after obtaining the intel, players are advised to return to their faction’s base, preferably by calling a helicopter for a quick return.

With the completion of this quest, players will receive some rewards, including;

  • TC-2000 helmet
  • 4,700 USD
  • 1000XP
  • 150 Reputation

Players can also engage in other quests offered by Mithras Security Systems, such as Native Negotiation and Lost and Found.

Lost And Found Task In Gray Zone Warfare

The objective of the Lost and Found task is to search for a body with no indication of its location provided by Lab Rat.

The location of the body is at the water tower with coordinates (140, 161). Players must go across the street and into a warehouse to find the body.

The body will have a necklace by its hands, which needs to be grabbed and delivered to the vendor back on base.

lost and found
Players need to search for a body with no indication. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You’ll get the following rewards for completing Lost and Found:

  • Surkit
  • $2,700
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Lab Rat Reputation

Players can use the surgical kit to cure illnesses such as coma, broken bone, and coughing.

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