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Retrieve Flight Recorder In “What Comes Up” And “Too Close To The Sun” Tasks In Gray Zone Warfare

Trust your favorite Vendor.


  • The main objective of both the quests “What Comes Up” and “Too Close To The Sun” is finding the Black Box.
  • Players can find the Flight Recorder Box at the South of Pha Lang Airfield.
  • The item can be handed to only one Vendor: Handshake or Lab Rat to obtain an AR or Medical Kit, respectively.

Task location and the main objectives for multiple quests can be identical a few times.

The case exists for quests: “What Comes Up” and “Too Close To The Sun” in the Gray Zone Warfare.

Two of the six vendors, Handshake and Lab Rat, assign What Comes Up and Too Close To The Sun, respectively.

What Comes Up” In Gray Zone Warfare For Black Box

In the What Comes Up task, players must investigate an accident involving a plane taking off from Pha Lang Airfield to Ground Zero.

Even though Handshake knows the reason for the accident, players need to find the Black Box, which has all the information about the plane.

The plane contained few VIP members, so players needed to extract the Flight Information (Black Box) to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

Moreover, the plane crashed right at the start of take-off from the Airfield; hence, players may only search the runway or the nearest areas.

Reach The Crash Location

The exact crash location of the Airplane is on the map coordinates (192 152), which is south of Pha Lang Airport.

Pha Lang Airport what comes up
Reach the South of Pha Lang Airport. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If players can access Golf 2, they can search for the fallen Plane from the southeast or India 1 by going northeast towards the airport.

Grab The Flight Recorder

Reaching the coordinates will take you to a huge open field where you will encounter a white truck and a plane.

what comes up too close to the sun gray zone warfare
Take the Flight Recorder from the plane. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The plane seems to have crashed into multiple parts, where you can find the Flight Recorder on the right side.

Soon after extracting the Black Box, you can report Back to the Handshake Vendor to get the rewards;

  • M4A1
  • $7000
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 160 Handshake Reputation

Too Close To The Sun” In Gray Zone Warfare

Surprisingly, the objectives for Too Close To The Sun and What Comes Up are exactly the same.

Hence, it depends entirely on the players who provide the flight recorder: the Lab Rat or Handshake.

Lab Rat provides the following rewards if you hand the Vendor the Flight Data Recorder;

  • 3 ORI-12
  • $7000
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Lab Rat Reputation

If players want to increase their reputation and receive rewards from Lab Rat, provide the Black Box to the medical Vendor; otherwise, give it to Handshake.

Players who have progressed the mission: Up The Snuff can hand the Recorder to Lab Rat, considering they will already have an M4A1 weapon.

Nonetheless, players can still trade the rewards, no matter what Vendor they pick, to complete the task.

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