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Flutter Flourish Boon Increases Attack Damage In Hades 2

Turn a challenging run into a successful one.


  • Aphrodite’s Flutter Flourish is ideal for dealing increased damage with aggressive close-quarters combat.
  • Poseidon’s boon allows the player to charge into enemies while impacting them with damage and knocking them back.
  • Zeus’ boon synergizes with Blitz effects, unleashing chain lightnings from enemies.

In “Hades 2,” boons are blessings from the gods, increasing the player’s abilities in many ways.

Every god has a unique set of boons linked to their powers, offering a choice between offensive upgrades, defensive buffs, and status effects.

Thus, boons can have a very strategic relation with one another since some boons from different gods synergize or combine to form duo boons.

Boons In Hades 2 Are Special Gifts From The Gods

In Hades 2, boons are unique gifts from the gods that help out the player character, Melinoe, in her journey.

Boons are like upgrades that improve abilities in many ways during the game.

Players can earn boons as rewards for clearing a room’s encounters or purchase them from Charon’s shop.

melinoe hades 2
Boons disappear with the Melinoe’s death. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Generally, boons disappear with Melinoe’s death or when she finishes the run.

Boons boost attacks, Casts, Specials, and all Omega abilities related to Melinoe with their active or passive effects. 

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Types Of Boons Offered By Gods In Hades 2

The boons come from the gods and can range from buffs to effects of various sorts. Picking the right boons can go a long way in determining strategy for your gameplay.

Aphrodite Boons

Aphrodite offers the boons Flutter Flourish and Glamour Gain in Hades 2, which enhance a playstyle that places you near the enemy to deal maximum damage.

Glamour Gain: In boss fights, this boon ensures an enemy stays Weak, lowering their damage. Magic restoration rate varies with boon rarity, starting at +6 Magic/sec at Common and increasing with rarity.

Flutter Flourish: Flutter Flourish in Hades 2 increases attack damage by 80% when you are close to your enemies. The damage increase scales with the rarity of the boon, starting at +80% for Common and potentially higher for rarer versions.

aphrodite boons Hades 2
Aphrodite’s boons enhance a playstyle, placing you near the enemy to deal maximum damage. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Poseidon Boons

In Hades 2, the boons by Poseidon have specific functions that can enhance your gameplay experience:

Fluid Gain: The Poisedon is a great Mana restoration Boon. It restores Mana whenever the player lands hits and offers a chance to spawn a spirit bubble after any weapon attack.

Breaker Sprint: Breaker Sprint turns the player into a watery bulldozer, dealing impact damage to any enemies you hit while sprinting and knocking them away.

boons of poseidon
Boons by Poseidon have specific functions. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Wave Strike: The boon adds a splash effect to your basic attacks and provides both damage and crowd control, keeping enemies at bay.

Slippery Slope: Slippery Slope also adds splash effects from Poseidon. Slip increases damage and knockback to any enemy hit with a splash, making it a powerful addition to your arsenal.

boons of  zeus
Zeus provides boons that can enhance your combat abilities. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Zeus Boons

In Hades 2, Zeus provides a variety of boons that can enhance your combat abilities:

Storm Ring: One can use this boon to empower the Omega Cast. It adds a continuous lightning strike effect that targets one enemy at a time, dealing additional damage.

Heavenly Strike: Gives your regular attacks the Blitz status effect; in specific conditions, it causes lightning damage.

Heavenly Flourish: This boon works like Heavenly Strike, applying the Blitz effect to your Specials and adding electrical power to attacks.

zeus hades 2
Zeus offers his powers to Melinoe,in the form of Boons. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Electric Overload: This boon synergizes with Blitz effects by causing a bolt of chain-lightning to fire from the enemies during the Blitz activation, hitting multiple enemies.

Toasting Fork: This ability lets your Blitz effects deal damage even when they expire without being triggered, so tagged enemies will take damage regardless.

Thunder Sprint: When using your Sprint, this boon causes lightning to strike nearby enemies, adding a dynamic and offensive element to your movement.

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