Fortnite Quest Rewards Not Working: Unveiling The Mystery Behind The Glitch

All the hard work, no rewards.

Fortnite Quest Rewards Not Working
With Chapter 5 Season 2 released, the bonus quest rewards are not working and players have not received what Epic Games owes them.


  • Fortnite Battle Pass Rewards have been glitching with players unable to claim any rewards.
  • Epic Games has not confirmed anything or hasn’t stated anything towards the bug.
  • Players are hopeful that they will get their earned rewards in the next update along with banishment of the Sniper Meta.

Players have been complaining that Fortnite Battle Pass rewards are glitching and its weekly quest rewards are not working.

Upon completion of the quest, players have not been getting the rewards they were promised they would.

However, Epic Games has not spoken about this issue and have not come up publicly to acknowledge the issue.

Fortnite’s Quest Rewards: The Winning Game Within the Game

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is in full swing and is available in the public version of the game.

Fortnite has introduced a new way to complete the Battle Pass challenges this season.

Even upon completion of the Battle Pass, Epic Games has implemented “Bonus” battle rewards in Fortnite.

battle pass reward fortnite
Battle Pass Rewards and Bonus Rewards are categorized into two different sections. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, players are busy trying to complete their Weekly Quests to rank up their Battle Pass.

There are a lot of rewards that Fortnite introduced this season, including Blazing Fire Cerberus and other Epic and Legendary skins.

However, players have accused Epic Games of completely ignoring this season and not giving out any updates sooner to fix the issue.

Fortnite’s Epic Quest Rewards: Unlocking Treasures Or Troubles?

A recently discovered bug in Epic Game’s Fortnite has caused a lot of players and its fan base to be upset with how the developers are working towards.

Players are not being able to progress any of the rewards within the bonus passes, probably due to the game seemingly not counting week 0-3 quests.

Bonus Quests are ubobtainable for players who have already completed Week 0 – Week 3 quests.

Moreover, the progress doesn’t track until the Bonus Quest Rewards are active.

bonus quest reward
Page 2 and Page 3 is yet to be released which is expected to release anytime soon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players are in utter shock and have put out their frustration ahead of Page 2 and Page 3 release.

Due to this issue, players have shown their frustration towards the whole season of the game.

Noticement of the low experience level they get this season as compared to the last one, Battle Pass has been unfair to its fans.

Fortnite Quest Rewards: A Glitch In The Matrix?

When players did report the issue to the developers and publisher of the game, Epic Games.

They replied back with not knowing anything about the issue and it could be just few people that have been facing the issue.

fortnite news
Fans and Players are in shock and confused as to how Epic Games lets these bug persists. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, now that the issue has been causing a lot of controversies with famous YouTubers making a video about it.

Players are in hopes that Epic Games has acknowledged the bug and have been working towards fixing the bug.

Fortnite Quest Rewards: The Challenge Of Getting Them Right

There currently is no active fix towards the issue as players are unable to do anything from their side.

They always seem to be five short stars of getting the rewards, no matter how many stars the players currently have.

However, players are hopeful that this issue will get solved and fixed in the next update.

Players have also demanded to change the current “Sniper Meta” will has been causing a lot of stir in the community.


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