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Google AI Suggests Counseling And Medication For The Prompt Smoking While Pregnant

Will you follow Google AI's response?


  • Google AI provided inappropriate response for the prompt: Cheese not sticking to Pizza.
  • Google AI is providing relevant response for the prompt:smoking while pregnant.
  • Not every AI response is relevant, one need to test it extensively and correct biases or errors in its responses.

Recently, there are news about Google AI generating inaccurate and inappropriate responses.

The issue is with the feature “AI Overview”, which is generating incorrect answers that can be extremely harmful.

However, Google has accepted these errors and is taking steps to address them and improve the system.

Google AI Responds For The Query: Smoking While Pregnant

As we know, smoking while pregnant is harmful to both the mother and unborn child.

Smoking while pregnant leads to various consequences such as: reduced fetal growth, death of fetus inside the uterus, miscarriage and stillbirth and more.

We all human beings are aware about it, but, how would Google AI respond for this query?

Will the AI respond with inappropriate suggestions, or will it provide you with a better suggestion?

However, for a prompt, smoking while pregnant in Google AI, we are getting positive response.

It suggests quitting smoking as soon as possible. Further, it suggests us to use the resources such as: counseling, medication, and support groups.

google ai smoking while pregnant
Positive response of Google AI. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Should Humans Have Blind Faith On Google AI Response?

As there’s a rumor on the internet where the Google AI provided bizarre responses to the query Cheese not sticking to Pizza.

In response, it provided you the suggestions such as: adding 1l8 cup of non-toxic glues to the sauce for more tackiness. Regardless, this is totally inappropriate and is not helpful for human life.

non-toxic glue
Google AI’s inappropriate response.

Thus, humans should not blindly have faith in AI’s responses because AI systems are tools designed to assist and provide information.

However, these information rely on a combination of programmed algorithms, data inputs, and machine learning models.

Nevertheless, AI can be useful, but it is important to remember that AI systems are always not up-to-date and can mistakes time to time.

Therefore, it’s important for humans to evaluate AI’s responses, understand the limitations, and use them as one of many resources available for decision-making.

How To Mitigate Google AI’s Inappropriate Responses?

To mitigate inappropriate responses from Google’s AI, or any AI system, there are several strategies that you can employ:

Extensive Testing: Before releasing an AI system to the public, it should undergo extensive testing to identify and correct biases or errors in its responses.

Data Quality Control: Making the data used for training both diverse and free of biases will help prevent inappropriate responses by the AI.

Real-time Monitoring: There should be continuously monitoring of the AI’s responses when it comes for deployment.

Google ai
It’s important for humans to evaluate AI’s responses. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Feedback Mechanisms: Developers must implement a system where users can report inappropriate responses.

Regular Updates: AI systems should be updated regularly to improve their understanding and response accuracy with the latest information and ethical standards.

Ethical Guidelines: Establishing clear ethical guidelines for AI behavior can guide the development and operation of AI systems to avoid inappropriate responses.

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