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Gray Zone Warfare “Missing Colleague” Part 1 And 2 To Find Intel And Transcript

Artisan has lost her mechanic friend due to unfortunate arrest.


  • In Missing Collegue, players have to retrieve the Intel from Savanpha Village.
  • On the second part of the mission, players must obtain the Transcript from Fort Narith Headquarters.
  • Completion of both task grants players AKMN weapon, 2000 XP and 200 Reputation Points.

Gray Zone Warfare offers multiple tasks with double parts, including Missing Colleague and It’s In The Water.

Players can get both Missing Colleague 1 and 2 from the same Vendor: Artisan.

The tasks include not only the investigation but also intense combat with the military in the headquarters, so starting with other faction members is vital.

Gray Zone Warfare “Missing ColleagueTask To Find Intel

Missing Colleague quest is assigned by Artisan Vendor out of fear to find her lost friend who works as a Mechanics.

Artisan suggests that the Mechanic works around Fort Narith and resides in the Savanpha Village, east of the bunker.

There is little to no time to track Artisan’s friend, so players should rush out and learn about his situation.

To learn what happened to Artisan’s colleague, players should head to Fort Narith initially and start an investigation.

Reach Savanpha Village

Players should initially reach any of the nearest Landing Zones from Savanpha Village, including Lima 1 and Delta 3.

ford narith savanpha village
Head to Savanpha Village in Fort Narith. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After reaching the Landing zone, players should head to map coordinates around (145 129).

Find The Building With Intel

You will reach an open road with a few tiny houses on each side of the path and even a few enemies; defeat them to reach your next destination.

missing colleague part 1
Reach the house with the blue tin area on the side. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After tracking the area, players should enter the cottage and grab the Arrest Warrant from the left table.

arrest warrant missing colleague
Pick up the Arrest Warrant. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will get the following rewards after finding the intel in Missing Colleague;

  • AKMN
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Artisan Reputation

Gray Zone Warfare “Missing Colleague 2For Transcript

After learning about the colleague’s situation in the previous task, Artisan wants more information about what led to the arrest.

To fulfill the objective of Missing Colleague 2, players must locate and collect the Interrogation Transcript.

Players should again head back to Fort Narith and initiate the investigation for the item.

Reach Fort Narith Headquarters

At the start of the quest, players should reach the Headquarters of Fort Narith, which is located at map coordinates (143 129).

ford narith gray zone warfare
Head to the Headquarters of Fort Narith. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will find themselves in the middle of hundreds of military, so enough ammo with high-damage weapons and remedies is vital in this quest.

Obtain Transcript

If you manage to clear the indoor and outdoor areas of the headquarters, head to the top floor and enter the third door from the left, which has a water dispenser outside.

Ford narith headquarters
Enter the open door on the left. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Shortly after entering the room, you can get the Transcript of an Interrogation from the computer table.

missing colleagues 2 gray zone warfare
Grab the Transcript from the top floor. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can keep the Transcript in the TAC box for precaution and hand it over to Artisan to get the following rewards;

  • AKMN
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Artisan Reputation

Players will get the exact rewards in Missing Colleague 2 as well, so they can trade the gun with the Vendor for other utilities or gun upgrade parts.

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