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Hades 2 Portraits Lead Fans Wonder The Fates Of Dionysus And Hermes

Vibrant visuals and distinct art style.


  • Hades 2 from Supergiant Games introduced the fresh visual identity of its character portraits in livestream on April 18.
  • Rising of different challenges, particularly through reimagined character portraits are unvield but without Dionysus and Hermes.
  • The art style has evolved in the sequel, favoring a uniformity that binds the gods together.

One of the only details of Hades 2 from Supergiant Games‘ upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler is the fresh visual identity of its character portraits.

Especially, Hades 2 overcomes challenges through its relisted character portraits, coming out as a canvas for both continuity and change.

The elaborate details will surely appeal to fans who are keen on interpreting the game’s lore.

Hades 2 Portraits Introduces New Art Style And Gods

Over the years, various Hades characters have unveiled, provoked, and engaged the community about the game’s artistic direction, character designs, and visuals.

The portraits in Hades 2 are not just an incidental detail of the game. Significantly, the response to the new portraits was overwhelmingly positive.

This has set the stage, and players are eager to walk into a world where art and narrative mingle beautifully.

Fans are compiling and dissecting the revealed character art on various forums and social media.

Further, they appreciate the fine-detailed lines, intense expressions on faces, and overall richness of the new designs.

Some have gone even further, stating they find this latest look even more alluring than the original but have characters like Dionysus and Hermes missing.

Nemesis Retribution Incarnate

In Hades 2, Nemesis has silver armor accented with colorful details, symbolizing her role as the Goddess of Retribution.

On her left arm, she had a shield, and in her right hand, she wielded a sword, ready for battle. Her posture was confident, standing upright and tall.

Her design contains large hoop earrings and red nail polish, giving the warrior a small amount of individuality.

portrait of Nemesis
Nemesis has silver armor accented with gold and red details.

The blade she carries is significant, as it’s the same one that Zagreus can wield in the game when using the Stygian Blade under the Aspect of Nemesis.

Apollo As The God Of Light

Apollo’s hair is curly and light blond with green laurels atop; eyes are shinier with gold, shining more brightly against his dark skin.

He has shining armor on his chest. A flowing light blue cape cascades down over his shoulders, covered with golden shoulder pieces patterned with laurels.

His armor, by contrast, is striped red with gold accents and accompanied by a brown leather belt.

hades 2 portrait apollo
Apollo’s hair is curly and light blond with green laurels atop it.

The ribbons from the blue and red cloth with golden strings decorate his neck and arms, which put him in an aura that is divine.

Portrait Of Dora

Dora is portrayed as a Shade, with long hair and bangs almost covering her eyes.

dora portrait
Dora has long hair and bangs.

The character has cat-like paws, including a mystical aura in the Portrait released by Supergiant Games.

Hecate Witch Of The Crossroads

In Hades 2, Hecate has a modern appearance. She wears a large, wide-brimmed hat and a purple cape over blue, which she wears over a dress of pink and gold hues.

Most of her face is veiled, only her glowing, inhuman eyes visible. Her outfit has an exposed toned midriff and head-shaped pauldrons on each shoulder.

hectate hades 2
Hecate has a modern appearance in Hades 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Her signature weapons are a couple of torches that mark her association with witchcraft and the moon.

Aphrodite’s Change

In Hades 2, Aphrodite Goddess’s portrait has changed since the first game. The Goddess of love has thicker lips, and her face is rotated compared to her sprite in the first game.

A more warlike look characterizes the design changes: Aphrodite wields a spear and wears war paint, like Ares in the first game.

These changes resonate well with the game’s story, in which we see all the gods preparing for war against Chronos.

Aphrodite’s portrait has changed since the first game.(Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Hades 2’s Narrative Implications

The character portraits of the live stream also hint at the probable narrative line for Hades 2.

The expressions of the newly revealed gods range from determined (Melinoe) to brooding intensity (Moros).

This significantly indicates a story with higher stakes and perhaps a darker tone than the first game.

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