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Helldivers 2 Should Add A Private Lobby Due To Lack Of Coordination Among Random Players

How long should we play with randoms only?


  • Private lobby will be an exclusive option to join the Super Earth battle with friends.
  • Lack of Private Lobby Options brings incoordination, rage and even threat.
  • Best option to join private-like lobby is blocking random friends.

In Helldivers 2, players are frustrated by random players joining their game session unexpectedly and want a private lobby.

Even if players set the privacy setting to friends only, random players on the friend list can join anytime during gameplay.

For instance, a random player from the friend list can join during extraction with only 2 seconds left, jeopardizing the situation.

Private Lobby Is An Exclusive Party Option For Helldivers 2

The private lobby feature allows players to control who enters their game session.

It’s like having your room in the game where you can play alone or with friends you invite.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about players joining in from your friend list and can have more personalized gameplay.

Helldivers 2 is a popular cooperative multiplayer game that has gained a large fan base since its release.

The game keeps bringing new patches, updates, and features to enhance its players’ gaming experience.

However, Hellidivers 2 lacks a private lobby option in the game, which is becoming a topic of discussion among players.

Many players are eager for a private lobby to be a part of Helldivers as they do not like when random players join them in the game.

Helldivers 2 private lobby
A private lobby or decline requests option is important to improve the gaming experience in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag0

Players do not like when someone in their friend list joins the game without letting them know.

It’s annoying for players who want to play solo for higher difficulties but suddenly random friends join the game.

Hence, Helldivers 2 needs to create a private lobby option so that if a player wants to play solo others cannot see their active status.

Or Helldivers 2 must create a notification system where players get an option to accept or decline requests from others who want to join.

Why Is Private Lobby Important In Helldivers 2?

A private Lobby is important in Helldiver 2 as players can have their own private space to play with their selective friends.

Furthermore, players eagerly want a private lobby in the game and there are a few reasons for it.

One primary reason is that some players like to play alone in Helldivers 2.

Many players enjoy solo playing as they can take on challenges alone and tackle higher difficulty levels alone.

Hence, players want to try harder levels or test out new ideas without anyone assisting or bothering them.

Lack Of Coordination With Random Players

A private lobby is an ideal way to get a space for exploring and experimenting with Helldivers 2 on your own.

Furthermore, a private lobby is important for players who like playing with their close friends.

Even though working together is a big part of Helldivers 2, some players get bothered by lots of friend requests.

Players cannot sync well with random players joining their games.

Sometimes, the random players who join the game throw or cannot coordinate attacks well which hampers the player’s progression.

So, the private lobby fixes this by letting players choose who they want to play with making the game more fun and cozy.

Lack Of Private Game In Helldivers 2

The lack of the private game in Helldivers 2 is frustrating many players according to the discussion within the Helldivers community.

Many players are unsatisfied with the existing options such as setting matchmaking to friends only or adjusting Steam statuses.

This is because these options are often unreliable and ineffective during gameplay.

Private lobby matchmaking option Helldivers 2
Players can switch the matchmaking option to friends only, but it does not stop others from joining the session. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Since there aren’t official private lobbies and games in Helldivers 2, players have come up with their solutions.

Some players suggest hiding the Steam status or turning the Steam status invisible to prevent random players from joining.

Players can also block random friends to prevent them from joining the same game session as theirs.

However, these methods only help temporarily and do not fix the real problem.

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