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Erase Automaton’s Existence From Super Earth Planet In Helldivers 2

Erase Automaton's Identity.


  • Arrowhead unveils yet another mission on the planet of Super Earth..
  • Focus on build to battle against Automatons using suitable Primary and Secondary weapons.
  • In The Major Order, you must remove the identity of the Automaton.

Automatons in Helldivers 2 are ferocious and robots who constantly threaten the Super Earth.

Arrowhead often releases new missions on different planets, including Automaton Planet, to upload the planet’s data to the Super Earth Mainframe.

By doing so, Helldivers have the chance to destroy the automatons from the root and remove their existence in Reclamation.

Helldivers 2 Automation Rollout Where Only Two Sectors Remain

In the most recent major update, players are assigned to destroy the remaining earth sector.

The players should begin operating Swift Assembly to defend captive attacks from Automaton Planets.

Hence, players must join the large-scale battle to overcome using the best loadout and strategy to remove the huge faction.

The more players stay on the automaton planet, the more difficulty level will increase.

Hence, to upload data via local relay and complete the mission, players must defeat easy-level to hard-level automatons.

Choose Your Loadout

Picking a solid loadout is essential to overcome tough enemies in the Automaton Planets, including Trooper and Maurader.

Players must focus on five significant elements during the build: Primary Gun, Secondary Geun, Grenades, Armor Perk, and Strategems.

loadout helldivers 2
Select the Loadout to protect the Superearth. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Even though there are various weapons to choose from for Primary use, SG-25 is the shotgun for deploying devastating attacks at close range.

Other Best Options For Primary uses can be AR-23 Liberator, R-63 Diligence, and AR-23P Liberator Penetrator.

However, you must be sure to balance the weapons depending on your playstyle and selection.

For a Secondary weapon, choosing A P-19 Redeemer is a great option, thanks to its fully automatic pistol’s extremely high fire rate.

Apart from the Redeemer, players can also choose  P-2 Peacemaker, but it does not combine well with other Primary options.

G-12 High Explosive, G-16 Impact, and G-6 Frag are a few grenades to deploy a ranged attack or destroy an area.

For Tackling the Automatons from the super earth, players will also need stratagems, including Railgun, Orbital Laser, Arc Thrower, and Eagle Airstrike.

You can choose G-16 Impact for your meta loadout among the game’s several grenades available from the standard Warbond progression menu for 20 medals.

Adding the best Armour Perk will be crucial to deploy a full-fledged attack, but there are various ones to choose from including, Med Kit, Scout, Engineering Kit and Extra padding.

Defeat Trooper And Raider

On Automaton planets, players will encounter enemies like Trooper, Raider, and Marauder at all difficulties.

The weakness of Trooper, Raider, and Marauder is they are weak to bullets, so you can take them down by shooting at them.

Attacking the head and the weak points of the enemy can be crucial in a fight, so ensure that you target them.

Similarly, players will also encounter Commissar automatons in the automaton planets at easy or higher difficulty levels.

The weakness of Commissar is that they are weak to bullets, but they can call in more enemies, making it difficult to deal with.

Higher Difficulty Level Automatons

As you progress through the fight, you will face Scout Strider, Berserker, and Devastator at medium or higher difficulty levels.

You only need to focus on destroying the robot on its back to defeat the Scout Strider.

Likewise, you can take down Berserkers in the automaton planets by shooting them in the head and their red chest.

Devastator has no weakness, so the fight with Devastator at the higher difficulty level is going to be very intense.

To progress in the battle to wipe automatons from existence, you must first focus on removing its arms and then try to kill it.

The most powerful automatons you will encounter on the automaton planets are the powerful Hulk and the robust tank.

Furthermore, defeating Hulk and the tank in Helldivers 2 is no walk in the park.

It takes a lot of strategies, power, and defense to take the Hulk and the tank down on the automaton planet.

You will encounter the Hulk and the tank at a hard or higher difficulty level.

Defeat automatons on Automaton planet
Players must defeat automatons like hulks, tanks, berserkers, devastators, etc, on Automaton Planets in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As you progress through killing all the automatons in the medium level, these automatons show up to make the fight more intense.

To take down the Hulk on the automaton planet, you must target its weak spot first which is its arms and back.

Similarly, you can take down the tank by throwing multiple explosives and stratagems at it.

Use Explosives For Dropships

You can also use the orbital railcannon strike to take down hulks and tanks.

When you call in the orbital rail cannon strike, it will shoot the beam and kill enemies within its range.

While you take fights with automatons on the automaton planets, you will frequently encounter the Dropship.

The dropship will emerge continuously and will attack you at all difficulty levels.

So, to take these dropships down, you must make use of explosives, as they are weak to explosives.

Upload Data Mission On Automaton Planets 

On the automaton planet, players must complete the mission of uploading data via local relay, depending on the need.

To complete this mission, players must collect 2 encrypted hard drives and reactivate the power generator.

Furthermore, players must collect and transport the first SSD hard drive to the communication relay.

While taking the mission, you will be surrounded by automatons constantly trying to kill you.

Helldivers 2 automaton planets
Players must upload data via local relay and send it to the Super Earth mainframe to complete the mission on Automaton Planets. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You must plan and coordinate attacks with your team, use explosives, etc., to kill automatons on your way to the power generator.

In addition, you must destroy the automaton detector tower to stop them from spotting your location.

You must also destroy the automaton outpost and destroy the light automaton fabricator to reach the power generator.

Reactivate The Power Generator

To reactivate the power generator, you must pull the transformer unit lever in Helldievrs 2.

Once you pull the lever, the objective of uploading data via local relay will be completed, but patience is highly anticipated.

Upload Escape Pod Data

You must upload escape pod data; to do this, you must use the upload data strategy to begin the upload.

While uploading, it is essential to protect Billydevilui on the automaton planets in Helldivers 2.

Manually Realign The Satellite Tower

You must use the terminal to raise the satellite tower and manually realign it.

This will let you upload data to the Super Earth Mainframe, which will complete the upload data via local relay mission on automatons planet.

During this process, you can use the terminal to wipe sensitive data.

Once the upload is complete, you will complete the upload data via a local relay mission.

After completing the mission, you will earn 500 requisitions and 100 XP in Helldivers 2.

Hence, the extraction will be available, so you must reach the extraction point by battling automatons and safely exit.

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