Helldivers 2 Hellmire Planet: Surviving An Actual Hell In Mirin Sector

Can you survive in Hell?

Helldivers 2 hellmire mirin sector
Hellmire is an mirin sector planet with harsh condition.


  • Hellmire is a Moor planet with high temperatures and fire Tornados.
  • Bug Faction, Terminind defends the Mirin Sector Planet along with Bile Titans.
  • Play passive to regenerate stamina, maximize inventory, and conserve energy to survive in harsh conditions.

Hellmire is a challenging area characterized by extreme environmental conditions and formidable enemies in Helldivers 2.

Hellmire is among the four planets in the Mirin Sector, a broad solar system in the galaxy.

The planet’s objectives are eliminating the Bile Titans and destroying the Rogue Research station.

However, players must select suitable weapons and stratagems to navigate the Hellmire.

Hellmire In Helldivers 2: Hostile Forces And Unfavorable Environment

Players may encounter and navigate different planets featuring various enemies and challenges in Helldivers 2.

Unlike other planets, Hellmire is a nightmare for players, considering the ferocious winds and extremely high heat, which make even tough Helldivers struggle.

These planets have unique ecosystems, different rewards or resources, terrain, and hostile forces.

This planet features devastating deserts that drain even the energy of the most skilled Helldivers as they traverse the harsh landscape.

However, dealing with extreme heat, zero visibility, and relentless enemy attacks can make a planet quite daunting for players.

Hellmire is the planet with extreme heat, zero visibility and fat spew bugs
In Helldivers 2, Hellmire is a planet with extreme heat, zero visibility, and spew bugs. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players must also destroy the Rogue Research station and eliminate Bile Titans while on this planet.

Players must adapt strategies to overcome their enemies and invest in their inventory to succeed in the Hell zone.

Challenges In Helldivers 2: Hellmire Planet’s Extreme Environmental Conditions

Hellmire, the Moor planet in Helldivers 2, presents players with the challenge of intense heat.

Here are some points that show how these environmental conditions might affect gameplay:

Stamina Drain

High temperatures would likely cause players to experience increased fatigue, represented in-game as a stamina drain.

This would make it more difficult for players to maintain prolonged physical activity, such as running or engaging in melee combat.

Weapon Heat Buildup

The intense heat would also affect the performance of firearms, accelerating heat buildup in weapons during prolonged use.

hellmire  helldivers 2 mirin sector
Hellmire can impact the performance and overall output during the battle.

Moreover, the high-heat planet could lead to weapons overheating more quickly, resulting in temporary malfunctions or reduced effectiveness. 

Fire Tornados

Surviving the heat is not enough for Helldivers; they must also defend against the Fire Tornado, which may appear at times.

Excluding the high heat barrier, tackling the Terminid, bug Faction is another challenge for the players.

Surviving Hellmire In Helldivers 2 By Defeating Bile Titan And Terminids

While navigating “The Hellmire,” players must manage their stamina and plan their movements accordingly.

They must conserve their energy for crucial moments on the battlefield and ensure that their loadout is well-suited to the environmental conditions.

Upon Entering Hellmire, players will come across formidable enemies like Bile Titans, which are giant, heavy bugs that can spit lethal jets of acid.

The extreme is a giant worm-like creature that burrows underground and emerges to attack the Helldivers.

Bile Titan hellmire
Use powerful weapons to kill Bile Titan. (Source: Bile Titan)

Hence, while in Hellmire, players must equip weapons like the Orbital Railcannon Strike, the EAT-17, the Obliterator, and the Demolisher.

These weapons can deal great damage, pierce armor, and cause explosions to the Bile Titans and other enemies, including Termininds.

For higher protection, players can even opt for Armor sets including B-27 Fortified Commando and SC-30 Trailblazer.

Similarly, to destroy the Rogue Research station, players must summon a Hellbomb through their Stratagems and place it near it.

Players can also call down an Orbital bombardment such as Precision Orbital Strike or any other explosive Stratagem to destroy it.

However, they must take breaks between engagements to allow weapons to cool down and maintain peak performance.

Moreover, players must avoid unnecessary sprinting to conserve energy and use cover and terrain to their advantage.

Upon fighting, they must move strategically to minimize exposure to hostile forces while allowing their stamina to recharge.

While exploring the Hell planet, it is usual for mid-tier players to struggle, but with precise strategy and balanced attack pattern one can overcome any challenges in Hellivers 2.


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