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Helldivers 2 Meta Loadout Including Primary Weapon And Stratagems For Automatons

Automatons are formidable enemies in Helldivers 2, and taking them down requires using the best weapons in the game.

Furthermore, players must use a combination of strategy and firepower from powerful weapons to defeat the automatons.

You can take down these robotic enemies and dominate the battlefield with the right loadout.

Players need to bring the right loadout during battle to guarantee victory against the game’s formidable enemies.

Meta Loadout In Helldivers 2

Players should prepare themselves with the right loadout before navigating to the perilous world of Helldivers 2.

Among the various loadouts that players can choose from in Helldivers 2, the Meta Loadout is the most efficient one.

Before understanding the mechanics of the meta loadout, it is crucial to understand what sets it apart from other loadouts in the game.

The meta loadout is not just a mere collection of weapons and gear that are chosen randomly in the game.

Choose The Meta Loadout in Helldiver 2
Players should choose the meta loadout to defeat cyborgs, robots, and bugs in Helldivers 2.

It is a rather accurately crafted weapon arsenal, crafted through trial, and error and countless battles.

To be more precise, it is a combination of efficiency, versatility, and destructive power that can be used on the battlefield.

Thus, players can use the meta loadout to tackle the most difficult challenges offered by Helldivers 2 Universe.

Players will need five different elements to secure an outstanding loadout, including;

  • Primary Gun
  • Secondary Gun
  • Strategem
  • Armor
  • Grenade

Every weaponry in the Inventory should complement each other; meaning

Choose Your Best Weapons: Create A Perfect Meta Build

Players should practice with a wide variety of weapons and ammunition and test their effectiveness to choose suitable weapons.

Similarly, you should choose among the variety of weapons available in Helldivers 2 to create the best loadout.

The Meta build consists of the most overpowered weapons and bombs that players can find in Helldivers 2.

Here is how you can create a perfect meta-build to complete difficult missions like the suicide mission and the bug mission.

Primary Weapons

Here are few Primary Weapons to give you a straight attack bonus;

SG-225 Breaker

The SG-225 Breaker is a shotgun that is renowned for its devastating close-range attacks.

Players should incorporate the shotgun as their primary weapon while selecting the meta loadout for the game.

The Breaker sends enemies back to their knees with each magnificent shot, even the most formidable ones.

Thus, the SG-225 Brekeaer is a perfect choice for the meta loadout since it dominates the battlefield with this versatile functionality.

DMR And Laser Rifle

DMR and laser rifles are also excellent weapons for defeating formidable automaton robots.

Furthermore, DMR and Laser rifles have high-precision and damage output, making them practical for taking out automatons from afar

You must aim for the automatons’ vulnerable spots, as it will be easier to take them down.

PLAS-1 Scorcher

The scorcher should be one of the best guns to tackle heavy armor enemies including Automatons and Bile Titan.

You can obtain the Primary Weapon through Scorcher, through Mobilize Warbond.

Unfortunatley, the weapon is unsuitable for close range as it can self-damage the players.

Secondary Weapons

There are pretty limited Secondary weapon options; nonetheless, both the following weapons are great picks;

P -19 Redeemer

Upon selecting the primary weapon for the loadout, players should choose the P-19 Redeemer as their secondary weapon.

A P-19 Redeemer is a fully automatic pistol with an extremely high fire rate.

This weapon is efficient for players while battling multiple enemies, as it is known for its crowd-control ability.

The gun has high damage per shot and can make an excellent tool for attacking a small group of light targets.

Thus, choose the P-19 Redeemer as your secondary gun for the meta loadout in Helldivers 2.

P-2 Peacemaker

P- 2 Peacemaker may not be as powerful as the Redeemer but can adjust to your inventory well.

Whether using a single-shot rifle or penetrating the enemy with Shogun, the Peacemaker is a good backup for deploying headshots.

The secondary weapon even has a burst fire option with minimal spread but does struggle to hit long-range enemies accurately.


G-16 Impact

Players must include the grenade in their loadout to make it more efficient to beat the Automatons.

You can purchase the G-16 Impact from the standard Warbond progression menu for 20 medals.

This grenade is designed for immediate denotation upon contact, so use it against formidable enemies in the game.

Armor Perk

Here are two Armor Perk you can equip in Helldivers 2;

Engineering Kit Perk

Engineering Kit should be one of the best Armor perks to fight against potent enemies including Automatons and Termininds.

The key feature of the kit is its lesser weight, which helps to escape situations and carry multiple grenades and ammo, so you are never out of utilities while stepping on the Nests.

Moreover, when equipping the kit, your gun will experience 30% less recoil, preventing the fire spread and managing the target for a swarm of Automatons.

Fortified Perk

Fortified should be one of the best armor Perks for Helldivers , as it prevents players from dying from explosive damage.

The armor perk with any heavy armor should be considered, but it is not a great option for a meta build.

Further, the perk decreases upcoming explosive damage by up to 50% and has the same recoil reduction as the Engineering Kit; however, it only works if the player is either proning or crouching.

Usually, the recoil is relatively low while you Prone or Crouch, but when you use the Fortified Perk, you will not even feel any recoil, unlike other kits.

Choosing The Right Stratagems For Meta Build

Once you choose your primary and secondary weapons alongside the grenade, you should choose the right stratagems for your loadout.

Choosing the efficacious stratagems is necessary for assembling the meta build in Helldivers 2.

The following is a list of stratagems that players should have in their meta loadout:

  • RS-422 Railgun
  • Sh -32 Shield Generator Pack
  • Orbital Laser
  • Eagle 500kg Bomb

Using the Meta build on the battlefield comes in handy while facing the Bugs, Cyborgs, and Illuminate forces.

Thus, make sure you choose the correct weapons and stratagems to form a meta loadout in Helldivers 2.

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