High Ground And Impactful Weather Does Affect Manor Lords Combat In An Open Battle Field

Victory shall always be yours.

Manor Lords Combat
Combating is one of the most fun aspects of Manor Lords, with impactful weather and real life-like battles.


  • Manor Lords new combating features and options are high appreciated in the community.
  • Morale and Fatigue affect the perfomance of the soldiers on the battle field.
  • Tactical Retreatment is introduced to the game which can be used if losing or tactical change is required mid-war.

Manor Lords has all the combat formation and features on open battlefields that a total war game does and a few more additions.

Despite aiming to be an organic medieval city-building indie strategy game, the game still offers much more.

Slavic Magic, the developer of Manor Lords, chose a slightly different path, making it a city-building and real-time battle combined game.

Immersive Medieval Gameplay In Manor Lords Combat

Manor Lords is a medieval game, aiming for players to feel the experience, which is now only a history and is currently available for Early Access.

The game aims to provide a gridless, organic city-building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation of the buildings.

Players must also plow fields with the help of Ox and herd Sheep on the open pastures governed by the Lord of the Manor.

However, none of it would be truly medieval without armored soldiers marching in on the battlefield.

Archers on their bow
Players can position their archers at the back line for impactful damage. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can choose from large-scale unit formations to high-morale soldiers, flanking options, and many more which we will discuss.

Moreover, positioning troops is very crucial in Manor Lords as even smaller forces can beat a large one if commanded well.

Unique Features In Manor Lords Combat

Manor Lord combat is very well appreciated by the gaming community across the internet.

Players can choose individual equipment and stats of the soldiers taking on the battlefield.

Issue Equipment Manor Lord Combat
Issue Equipment Selection Sliders in Manor Lord. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can choose the body and head armor of the selected soldiers of their choice.

Moreover, the real-time battle also includes a formation-dragging and a waypoint mechanism.

Players can use these mechanisms by dragging the mouse to the desired location for their soldiers to stay or hold.

Some more interesting features in Manor Lords which we don’t get to see in any other Total War games are:

Height Advantage

In Manor Lords, players must actively consider holding the high ground or cliff advantage, akin to real battles.

High-ground advantage is one of the key aspects of winning an open-field war. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can position their troops on cliffs or where they can get the uphill advantage

Tactical Retreat

Tactical Retreat is an exciting feature you don’t usually see in many games no matter the genre.

Moreover, In case of a losing battle or a lost cause, players can retreat their soldiers using tactical retreat to up their morale and stamina.

Impactful Weather

Weather is just a screen display for most games but not in Manor Lords.

Furthermore, weather can affect soldier performance; soldiers move slower in the rain due to mud, and tire faster in the sun.

Fatigue And Morale

Two features that we found a bit interesting are Fatigue and Morale in Manor Lords.

Physical exertion or severe bleeding exhausts soldiers, rendering them unable to continue performing.

Moreover, another is Morale, each soldiers have their own morale, which is affected by the battle setups.

Furthermore, The number of soldiers fighting on the battlefield, the positioning of soldiers, and their equipment affect morale.

There are a few tips and tricks you can use while in combat, like not rushing your military first.

However you play, whichever strategy you use, always make sure that you prepare for Winter.


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