How Long To Beat Manor Lords? Defeating The Baron In The Battle For Hofstetten

The Baron against the greatest army.

How Long To Beat Manor Lords
Defeating the Baron can take up to 10 in-game years, a long long time.


  • Manor Lords is an upcoming medieval city building strategy game with battles and wars.
  • Players can build a Hamlet into a village and village into a city and city into a megacity and more.
  • Defeating The Baron in the Battle for Hofstetten is one of the most difficult task in Manor Lords, which is like the final boss.

Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game featuring in-depth city building and large-scale tactical battles.

Players rule their land as medieval lords, making their own cities, armies, and much more.

Moreover, Manor Lord will not just be any ordinary game, it will be a complete experience for players.

Manor Lords Is Not Another Age of Empires Or Anno Series

If you remember the Age of Empires series or the Anno series, Manor Lords is kind of similar to those but not exactly.

While Age of Empires is very fast-paced, the main motive of the game is to outpace opponents.

Marching into battle
Players can switch camera angles to see from ground level, an interesting feature in Manor Lords. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, Building a city and armies within minutes and heading towards attacking to destroy your opponent’s village.

However, Manor Lords took a huge turn and headed towards what fans want in a game.

No wonder it is one of the most awaited games, with over two million wishlists on Steam and counting.

Ahead of its upcoming launch into Steam Early Access, developer Slavic Games declares that Manor Lords is not just another RPG or a rival to Total War.

Manor Lord’s City-Building Experience With Epic Battles

In Manor Lords, the player’s objective is to make a Hamlet into a Village and a Village into a City.

Players can build and manage their armies and rally into almost life-like battles and wars.

The solo developer of the game, Greg, best known as Slavic Games, has also stated that Manor Lords is a city-builder with battles.

He added that players should expect a slow-paced, city-building game rather than comparing it with Age of Empires.

Moreover, jokingly, he said that players are Manor Lord of their City, not Manor Emperor.

Anticipating Manor Lords: A Personal Journey Of Excitement And Expectations

The hype that has been built around the game is uncontrollable and totally unexpected.

I have been eagerly waiting for Manor Lords to come out, following the developer for the past three years.

Three years into the wait, counting the days till April 26th, the release date of the game hasn’t been fun, exciting, yes but not fun.

A village in Manor Lords
Players need to build a village, feed the villagers, create an army, and march into battles. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, from what I have seen all around from the gameplay videos, the game will live up to its expectations.

The game feels like Re-creating Game of Thrones’s Battle of Winterfell with an even greater army.

How Long To Beat Manor Lords? Is It Possible?

Defeating the Baron is extremely difficult, the army you build, the housing, the food everything has to live up to its mark.

Battle for Hofstetten is one of the final battles you will encounter on a large scale in Manor Lords.

how long to beat manor lords
As Manor Lords, players need to take care of their settlements. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, even after defeating the Baron, the game will not give you any credit scenes; you can continue to play more and expand your city into a mega city.

Moreover, players can also expect to receive more exciting updates following its launch.

Maybe there will be an army even larger than that of Barons? Maybe the developer will add more challenges or real-time PvP wars?

Manor Lords is not an MMO but a colony medieval simulator-like game, so expecting a PvP would be putting yourself down because it will not happen. But what’s the crime in Maybes?


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