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How To Beat Ingunn Giant Boss In Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2?

Boss fight seems even harder then predecessor.


  • Hellblade 2 is an action RPG with various giant bosses, such as Surtr, the fire giant, Ingunn, and Valravn.
  • Ingunn is one of the formidable giants that players will encounter in the game’s main storyline.
  • The giant’s head is one of its weak spots, so targeting it during battle will help the player defeat the giant.

Illtuaga, also known as Ingunn, is one of the formidable giants in “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.”

Illtuaga is a significant figure in the game that the main character, Senua, must confront within the gameplay.

This sequel to the award-winning game also features several other enemies, apart from giants, making the narrative more exciting.

Beat The Giant Boss Ingunn In “Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2” With Your High Damaged Weapon

The Giant presence in Hellblade 2 is a physical challenge and a narrative element linked with the game’s exploration of Norse mythology.

In the game, players will experience an intense boss fight against Illtuaga, which will test their skills and strategies.

The trailers for Hellblade II reveal scenes where Senua and her tribe face off against Illtuaga, the giant.

Therefore, you can follow the following steps to beat Ingunn in Hellblade 2,

Study Ingunn’s Moves

The players must analyze the giant’s moves to understand his fighting pattern, who seems to rush and attack.

The Giant, like Ingunn, always seems to follow the same fighting pattern; thus, learning his pattern can help you beat him.

Dodge And Counter

Timing your dodges to avoid Ingunn’s attacks during the battle will benefit players.

beat giant Ingunn in hellblade 2
Defeat the giant.( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After successfully dodging, players will have a chance to make a counterattack, which they should not miss.

Using The Environmental Elements

The arena where you fight Ingunn may have environmental elements that you can use to your advantage.

Look out for objects or structures that can be used either to harm the giant or defend yourself from his attacks.

High Damaged Weapon

Players must find the right moment to defeat the enemy using their highly damaged weapons like Longsword and Unmaking Arrow.

Thus, after finding the right moment, you can use the weapon against the weak spot of the giant, which will eventually harm the enemy.

Focus On Weak Spots

Eventually, while fighting with the giant, you need to analyze his moves and weak spots, which will help you during the battle.

Hellblade 2 battel
Search for the weak spot. (Source; Screen Play Mag)

Therefore, after finding the weak spot, use your maximum effort to attack that spot, which will boost your chances of beating the giant.

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