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How To Find And Use Kuri Kuri Egg In Remnant 2?

Unlock the potential of the egg.


  • Kuri Kuri Egg in Remnant 2 is a quest item added in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC acquired from Kuri Kuri bird.
  • Players need to find a chef in Ward 13 of the game to prepare the Egg.
  • The Chef will provide concoction named Egg Drink from Mudtooth. 

The Kuri Kuri Egg is a quest item found in Yaesha in Remnant 2 players.

As players travel through the Ancient Canopyin The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, players can find the Kuri Kuri Egg.

Moreover, it is one of the quest items introduced in the DLC alongside rings, amulets, and a few enemies.

The Forgotten Kingdom And Kuri Kuri Egg In Remnant 2

Kuri Kuri Egg in Remnant 2 is a quest item, that players can find at the beginning of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC.

The Forgotten Kingdom is the second DLC for Remnant 2 that enhances your gameplay with new content as below:

Scenario and Location: Travel through the world of Yaesha and uncover its lost tribe’s secret. Moreover, the story is about Lydusa seeking revenge and her creatures made of stone.

Archetype – The Invoker: This new archetype uses the magical power of the jungle and gains strength from Yaesha’s nature spirits.

new archetype
The new Archetype taps into the mystic power of the jungle. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

New Gear: The game has many new weapons, add-ons, lucky charms, and rings to help you get through the challenging parts of Yaesha.

Bosses And Creatures: Encounter scary monsters and beasts of a lost civilization with full of new trials and experiences, including Monolith and Lydusa.

Ancient canopy remnant 2
Players can find Kuri Kuri Egg in the Yaesha, Ancient Canopy area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Acquire And Use Kuri Kuri Egg In Remnant 2

Players can find Kuri Kuri Egg in the Yaesha, Ancient Canopy area.

Generally, the Egg is a large and robust blue egg with a delicious yolk, follow the steps below to acquire it:

  • Navigate to the Yaesha map; one of the initial locations in the Forgotten Kingdom DLC.
  • In the area, you will come across a checkpoint where there is a large statue. When you are at this statue, go right.
  • Go forward till you find a place where you see a circle of trees.In this wooden place, you can find the Kuri Kuri Egg.
kuri kuri egg Remnant 2
You can find the Kuri Kuri Egg in the wooden place. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Find the chef in Ward 13 and interact with him. He is usually in the kitchen area or where food is prepared.
cook kuri kuri egg remnant 2
Find a chef which is situated in Ward 13. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Contrarily, the chef prepares a special meal: a Strong Drink concoction from Mudtooth using the egg for you as part of the game’s storyline.

The meal boosts your character’s stats, provides healing, or even unlocks new quests or story elements. 

However, you must hand the chef some ingredients as he usually only prepares meat items.

Lastly, If the Chef asks for a Spice, be sure to hand over the Ambit ember consumable from From N’erud and visit Walt if he asks for Yaesha’s sweet leaf.

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